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Children are identified as a vulnerable group, especially children with a single mother or parents (there is no welfare support system for these families). Children with out families since play a big part as social welfare system. Children as carers. Boys, girls and their mothers have responsibilities in the home and emerging trends. I am supporting Drop In The Bucket, help me reach my goal by making a donation. The process is fast, easy, and secure. I truly appreciate any support you can provide. Your donation will change lives and help me reach my goal.

If you can make a donation at this point, please do however if you can't afford to make donation. Please do consider sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter! Or, even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to the following fundraising page! https://dropinthebucket.org/campaign/our-social-charity-organisation-4/

Thanks so much for your support and generosity!

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