Here's to your good health

Good health and a sense of wellbeing are the building blocks of each life lived.  Without them we struggle and illness in body and mind can become entrenched.

The result? Lives are either blighted or cut absurdly short. That’s why health should never be a commodity to be bought and sold. Poverty and poor health are inextricably linked. When you are poor, you are much more likely to suffer poor health. Poor health, in turn, traps communities in poverty.

Infectious diseases kill and weaken millions of the poorest among us each year – that is shameful. When male mortality in the UK alone varies by 28 years in communities only 10 miles apart – the problem in our own country is in plain sight.

Add in the growing mental crisis and the problem exacerbates. Covid-19 is expected to create an escalation of poor mental health.  The latest Children’s Society report should send a shockwave through the UK. We score lowest in all measures of childhood happiness and wellbeing among the OECD countries. Why do we measure GDP, but not wellbeing? We know the latter is needed to achieve the former. All people across the Globe are entitled to feel good about themselves and enjoy good health. That shouldn’t be seen as a lofty aim.

  • 14th Oct 2021


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