Farm Wilder

Farm Wilder

A social enterprise promoting food from British farms that protect endangered wildlife and increase sustainability.

Farm Wilder is a non-profit organization that works with farmers to help them adopt regenerative farming practices. Regenerative farming is a type of agriculture that focuses on improving soil health, water quality, and biodiversity. It is a more sustainable way to farm, and it is much better for the environment.

Farm Wilder was founded in 2017 by Kate Humble, a British television presenter and environmental campaigner. Humble is passionate about the need to change the way we farm, and she believes that regenerative farming is the answer.

Farm Wilder works with farmers in the UK and Ireland to help them adopt regenerative farming practices. The organization provides training and support, and it helps farmers to access markets for their produce. Farm Wilder also works to raise awareness of regenerative farming, and it encourages consumers to buy food that has been produced in an ethical sustainable way.

Regenerative farming is a complex topic, but Farm Wilder has made it its mission to make it accessible to farmers and consumers alike. The organization's website provides a wealth of information about regenerative farming, and it offers a variety of resources for farmers who are interested in adopting these practices.

Farm Wilder is a valuable resource for farmers and consumers who are looking for a more sustainable way to produce and consume food. The organization's work is essential to the fight against climate change, and it is helping to create a more healthier future for our planet.

Here are some additional details about Farm Wilder:

  • The organization is based in Bristol, UK.
  • The organization has a team of 10 staff members.
  • The organization has worked with over 100 farmers in the UK and Ireland.
  • The organization has helped to raise over £1 million for regenerative farming.
  • We believe that it's important to support farmers who are working to adopt regenerative farming practices.
  • We also believe that it's important to eat food that has been produced in a sustainable way.

We hope that you will support regenerative farming by buying food that has been produced in a ethical sustainable way, and we hope that you will enjoy the delicious, healthy food that regenerative farming can produce.

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Bristol, UK
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