Teach A Class Foundation

Teach A Class Foundation

Teach A Class Foundation is India’s first not for profit funding platform for teachers.  Providing teachers with a platform to harness their enthusiasm and intent to do more by helping them raise funds for innovative tools and classroom resources.  

Their platform, Teach A Class, acts as a central hub connecting tools with impact, deserving teachers and enthusiastic donors, while ensuring complete transparency and visibility during the process. Teach A Class began in 2012 after founder Neil D’Souza took a sabbatical in Mongolia. Then a Silicon Valley engineer, Neil was moved by the lack of access to modern learning resources in motivated schools and orphanages. He realized that in order to change how children learn, we need to empower the teachers who nurture and guide them for most of their school lives.  

Teach A Class Foundation are committed to empower teachers to achieve their dreams, be it in or outside of the classroom.  

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