Unicorn Grocery

Unicorn Grocery

Unicorn Grocery is a cooperative organization established by a group of individuals dedicated to social change. Their vision was to create a unique shopping experience centered around wholesome, carefully sourced food sold at affordable prices. The organization operates as a cooperative, with owner-members actively involved in running the shop and sharing a common social and environmental agenda.


Services Offered


Unicorn Grocery focuses on providing a variety of wholesome and tasty foods.


Fresh, unpackaged, organic fruit and veg takes a starring role at Unicorn; they’ve got the biggest selection you’ll find in the North West, and at prices that compare incredibly well to our supermarket competitors.


Where possible, they buy direct from growers and always prioritize local and UK availability. They receive fresh deliveries every day of the week, meaning produce can be on the shelves within hours of harvest.


Over the years they have built strong relationships with both UK farmers and European producer groups, so they can sell good quality, fairly-priced organic produce.


They typically offer around 100 lines on any day. The vast majority are sold loose, not only reducing single-use packaging but allowing you to choose the selection you want, and to really feel and smell what you’re getting!


They treat seasonality as European-wide (with the exception of tropical fruits and ‘essential’ lines such as apples, oranges and avocados). Nothing they purchased from abroad is air-freighted, and they only buy organic or ‘in conversion’ fruit and vegetables.


Supermarkets’ organic ranges don’t come close to them on price, availability, range, packaging or quality. Their direct buying approach even means that their certified organic produce is sometimes cheaper than non-organic supermarket produce (particularly UK field crops).



Impact on Society:


Unicorn Grocery's impact on society appears multifaceted:


  1. Community Engagement: Positioned at the heart of its community in Manchester, Unicorn plays a vital role in supporting local residents by providing access to affordable and high-quality food options. As a cooperative, it fosters a sense of community engagement and ownership.


  1. Ethical Sustainability: The organization's commitment to sourcing food with care suggests a focus on sustainability. By prioritizing environmentally friendly practices, Unicorn contributes to raising awareness about the importance of sustainable and ethical consumption.


  1. Historical Continuity: Acknowledging the Rochdale Pioneers and their contribution to the cooperative movement underscores Unicorn's understanding of its historical roots.


Unicorn Grocery appears to be making a positive impact on its community by providing affordable, sustainable food options within a cooperative framework. 


The organization's commitment to social and environmental causes, combined with its historical awareness, positions it as a unique player in the Manchester food scene.


Society needs more brands like Unicorn Grocery:


  1. Access to Affordable, Wholesome Food: Unicorn Grocery addresses a fundamental need by providing access to affordable, wholesome food options. In communities where access to quality food might be limited, Unicorn plays a crucial role in ensuring that residents have access to nutritious and sustainably sourced products.


  1. Community Empowerment: The cooperative model empowers the community by involving them in the ownership and decision-making processes. This fosters a sense of ownership, community engagement, and a shared commitment to social and environmental values.


  1. Promotion of Ethical Sustainable Practices: Unicorn's commitment to sourcing food with care indicates a dedication to sustainable practices. In an era where environmental consciousness is increasingly important, Unicorn contributes to fostering a culture of sustainable consumption.


Challenges Faced by Unicorn Grocery:


  1. Financial Sustainability: Cooperative models can face financial challenges, especially in the initial stages. Maintaining affordability while ensuring financial viability can be a delicate balance.


  1. Competition with Larger Retail Chains: Competing with larger, more established retail chains can pose a challenge. These chains often have significant resources and market presence.


  1. Educating the Community: Communicating the benefits of the cooperative model and the importance of sustainable practices may require ongoing efforts in education and outreach.


How to Help Unicorn Grocery:


  1. Support as a Customer: Regularly shopping at Unicorn is a direct way to support the organization. By choosing to purchase from them, customers contribute to the financial sustainability of the cooperative.


  1. Volunteer or Get Involved: Offering time and skills as a volunteer can be valuable. Whether it's assisting with day-to-day operations, marketing efforts, or community outreach, volunteers can play a crucial role.


  1. Promote and Share: Word of mouth can be a powerful tool. Encouraging friends, family, and the community to support Unicorn Grocery can help increase its visibility and customer base.


  1. Financial Contributions: Making financial contributions or donations to Unicorn Grocery can aid in addressing financial challenges. This support can be crucial during periods of growth or economic uncertainty.


  1. Advocacy and Awareness: Actively advocating for cooperative models and sustainable practices in the community can help raise awareness. This includes educating others on the benefits of supporting local organisations like Unicorn Grocery.


By addressing these challenges and receiving support from the community, Unicorn Grocery can continue to fulfill its mission of providing affordable, wholesome food while promoting social and environmental values.

Find Us

89 Albany Road, Manchester, United Kingdom
0161 861 0010
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.


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