December 29, 2023

Project Socially Homes Announces The Safe Haven Summit 2024

For Immediate Release: Project Socially Homes Announces The Safe Haven Summit 2024

A Virtual Gathering of Experts to Address the Pressing Issue of Homelessness

Amy Varle socially homes safe haven summit 2024 Project Socially Homes Announces The Safe Haven Summit 2024

Manchester, UK (December 29th, 2023) – Project Socially Homes proudly announces The Safe Haven Summit 2024, a virtual gathering of esteemed experts and specialists from the UK and the USA. This innovative event will bring together practitioners from around the globe to unite, join forces, and address the pressing issue of homelessness.

“We are thrilled to host The Safe Haven Summit 2024, a platform where we can share impactful strategies, explore innovative solutions such as Housing First, and collaborate with respected experts to make a real difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness,” said Amy Varle, Founder of Socially Homes and 2016 Churchill Fellow to US for Homelessness Solutions.

The summit will feature a variety of engaging sessions, including keynote addresses from leading experts, panel discussions, workshops, and a virtual visit to an outstanding ‘homeless farm’ rehabilitation program. Attendees will also have the opportunity to observe street homelessness outreach live and participate in a lively debate on pets, properties, and policies.

“We are committed to creating a dynamic and inspiring learning environment that will empower participants to make a positive impact on the homelessness crisis,” said Samuel Evans, Event Organizer.

Key Highlights of The Safe Haven Summit 2024:

  • Keynote by Founder, Florida Homeless Police Initiative
  • Keynote by Michigan Street Outreach Coordinator
  • Lively Debate & Local Government Panel Session
  • Observe Service Delivery LIVE Worldwide
  • Client Representative & Lived Perspective Ideas Forum
  • Funding, Finance & Impact Investment Workshop & Q&A Session

Early Bird Tickets on Sale Now!

Early Bird tickets for The Safe Haven Summit 2024 are on sale now until January 12, 2024. Visit Eventbrite to secure your spot and make a commitment to ending homelessness.

Join Us to Make a Difference

Safe Haven Summit 2024 eventbrite details page

The Safe Haven Summit 2024 is a unique opportunity to connect with experts, learn innovative solutions, and contribute to the global conversation on ending homelessness. We encourage you to join us on February 29, 2024, for this groundbreaking event.

About Project Socially Homes

Project Socially Homes is a social enterprise dedicated to addressing the homelessness crisis in the UK and beyond. We provide a range of innovative services and support to help individuals and families achieve and maintain sustainable housing solutions.

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