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Good food is vital for the avoidance of diseases and medical defects. Soil quality is the basis of healthy food. Soil testing and contaminants. How to optimise the soil sustainably. Natural fertilisers. Quality seed production. Pest control. Farming and alternative food production. Crop management. Hydroponics. No Dig. Food preparation. Canning, bottling and packaging. Distribution. Markets.

BE INFORMED: Train in related fields like Agriculture, Horticulture, Botany, Entomology, Chemistry, Biology, Production Engineering, Catering.

BE PRO-ACTIVE: Research, write, collate relevant materials. Create networks, communities and events. Collaborate, co-operate, find new ways of working. Solve problems.

BE INFLUENTIAL: Engage decision makers, stakeholders, media and systems to improve danger zones and limit risks to life. Don’t be afraid to create new systems for good

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