Pure Water

How can we all help?

Water is fundamental to life itself. Natural saltwater and freshwater systems of the World. Living organisms that depend on water. Hydration. Irrigation. Desalination. Water capture. Urban and rural requirements. Pumping Systems and Distribution. Regulation. Waste disposal. Cleaning and Recycling. Business aspects, like privatisation and public ownership.

BE INFORMED: Train in related fields like Hydraulic Engineering, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Geology, Ecology, Town Planning, Mapping and Surveying.

BE PRO-ACTIVE: Undertake fieldwork. Be inventive. Research, write, collate relevant materials. Create networks, communities and events, collaborate and form teams.

BE INFLUENTIAL: Engage decision makers, stakeholders, media and systems to improve danger zones and limit risks to life. Don’t be afraid to create new systems for good.

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