The Ugandan sun beat down mercilessly, a constant reminder of the challenges we face here. Yet, despite the heat, my heart brimmed with excitement. We were making progress! Today, I stood in the newly established demonstration garden at All Souls Primary School, a testament to the unwavering spirit of this community.

This project, fueled by The Peoples Hub support, is our attempt to challenge poverty with a fundamental need – nourishing the children. The sight of the neatly raised beds, filled with the promise of vegetables and fruits, brought a smile to my face. We will be nurturing not just these crops, but also the knowledge that would empower these children to grow their own food.

seeds of hope, children in Uganda
(Image credit: Kimbowa Ivan | Children of Mityana | Copyright 2024)

But All Souls was just the beginning. The need echoed across the district, particularly in Mpanga, where children spent entire school days with empty bellies. I secured a half-acre plot of land in Kassanda. A fertile canvas waiting for transformation. Here, we envisioned another demonstration garden, a beacon of hope for Mpanga Primary School and the surrounding community. Clean water is a big problem in Uganda so we are researching best locations and practice.

(Image credit: | Map of Mityana district showing the location of rainwater harvesting tanks)

Seeds of Hope: Community School Farming

Imagine the impact! These gardens wouldn't just provide food – they would be classrooms, where children and parents could learn vital agricultural skills. Knowledge passed on, generation to generation, breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty. These seeds of hope fueled a fire within me, a burning desire to see this dream take root.

(Image credit: Kimbowa Ivan | Mealtime at the orphanage | Copyright 2024)

However, the journey wasn't without its hurdles. Technology proved to be a bit of a foe. Despite my best efforts, the videos and pictures capturing the joy in these children's eyes refused to reach Peter Lawal, the person at The Peoples Hub who made this project possible. But even this setback couldn't dampen my spirits.

Investing in Poultry Fertilizer

There was another matter that needed your attention. Initial funds used to secure land in Kassanda. Along with essential tools. Thankfully, a balance of 30,000 shillings remained. However, a recent outbreak of Kalusu disease in cattle farmers had imposed restrictions on cow dung fertilizer, our usual choice. This presented an opportunity – a chance to invest in poultry fertilizer, a viable alternative for these fertile soils.

So, the remainder of the funds will be used to purchase two sacks of poultry fertilizer. Ensuring the Kassanda gardens flourish just like the one at All Souls. Every contribution, big or small, is a vital seed on the path to a brighter future.

This journey is far from over, but the progress we've made so far is an inspiration. The sun that once seemed a source of hardship now symbolizes the growth and potential within these communities. With your continued support, we can watch these seeds of hope blossom into a future where no child goes hungry, a future where knowledge is cultivated alongside food.

(@NewzUganda | Tweet 2021)

This is just the first chapter in our Ugandan story of collective action. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of these gardens and the impact they have on the lives they touch. We would love to meet you personally through The Peoples Hub Global Gatherings online events, where we showcase our progress in Mityana. Let's Get Creative!

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