Meet The young aspiring adults ready to tackle challenges facing in our communities to bring change in the Gambia with new approaches in 2023!
TheProAcademian Support Organization, The Gambia

TheProAcademian Support Organization

Meet the young aspiring adults ready to tackle challenges we face in our communities and to bring about change in the Gambia with new approaches in 2023!

As a registered home base charitable organization, they are bringing a change for a better Gambia and with the help of The Peoples Hub Network here is what they plan to do this year:

To discourage these mindsets among the youths. TheProAcademian Support Organization came up with an initiative to create a football team among youths, supporting them in things they love doing in their home country. This is why we name a football team as "TheProAcademian Sport" to empower youths, give them a dynamic purpose to stay home and hopefully to build the nation together.

The town football league tournament in 2023 is advancing on April. TheProAcademian Support Organization is Looking for fundings and donations to support youth football team in the Gambia the smallest country in mainland Africa.
TheProAcademian Support Organization, The Gambia

"A teacher from Brikama in The Gambia had to sell his land because his brother, who had taken the back-way (illegal migration), was kidnapped in Mali. The kidnappers said they would kill his brother if he did not pay the ransom. Sometimes Gambian children and teenagers steal money and sneak away to BACK-WAY without telling their families in order to flee from their country for their lost dreams. The younger are the migrants, the less likely they are aware of all the risks and the complex political, security and economic situations of the countries they are entering. In 2020, more than 432 West African migrants lost their lives in their attempt to reach Europe.“

Kuli Kunda Primary School Project

Kuli Kunda primary school is a learning facility in the Gambia which is the smallest country in mainland Africa (West Africa). The school compiles of six(6) classroom with 200 plus student from 1st Grade to 6th Grade. Most classes have no chairs or tables and all of the pupils sit on a MAT during lessons.

"Education is the key to success."

Jefferson, Thomas
Kuli Kunda Primary School

TheProAcademian Support Organization intend to enhance their school and learning facility for better education in the lives of those children in the afar village of Kuli Kunda. We also intend to furnish the school for better teaching and learning atmosphere. If you are able to help please do join The Peoples Hub Network so we can pool resources and work together more effectively to achieve objectives. Or alternatively donate to TheProAcademian Support Organization via PayPal by clicking here where they will receive 100% of the donation, after fees, while we work to a more sustainable ethical solution to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Why are you down? Why do you cry out over the past? Why are you almost giving up? Why do you think it's over due to a broken relationship, drop out of school, loss of money, health challenge or loss of a Job?


Are you moaning about a past mistake? Are you still angry about the opportunity you missed? Do you feel like quitting? Do you feel you're not appreciated by your boss at work? If this description matches your experience then this encouragement is for you. 

Pressure is what many people do not like and will not want to get into a situation that will make them feel this way. However, consider a catapult with a stone in it.

Do you know that the more you draw, drag, pull and stretch it backward the greater the chances of the farthest distance the stone will get when released? Why is this so? Because after the pull back and release, the stone could go farther with speed, force and strength. 

Your setbacks are not meant to destroy you, rather, they're preparing you for a greater launch into the air. You're coming back with a full force and greater speed. This is why you must stop beating yourself over the mistakes or wrongs done to you in the past. You have to raise yourself up, give yourself a second chance. 

Giving yourself a second chance means speaking to yourself with positive affirmations. It means waking up in the morning, going to stand in front of the mirror and telling the person you see there that "keep going", "you're strong and beautiful", "if you quit, who will help those waiting for you to help them?", "What lies ahead of me is far greater, bigger, durable and incomparable to what I've lost", "I can make it again ". 

Your setback can be for your set-up only if you decide to rise up with courage, look beyond your past and see into the future. 

You're to pick up lessons from all that has happened to you and ensure you forge ahead for the next flight of your destiny. This will require you to have a deep reflection and meditate on what you've not done correctly in the past and you'll need to make a decision not to repeat the same thing and begin to live differently. 

As you move forward, you should also consider that: gold becomes pure and useful when it passes through the fire. Diamonds form under pressure. Olives are pressed to release Oil. Even the foods you eat pass through the fire before you could eat them. Could it be that all you're passing through was meant to transform you and not to crush you? Sit down and consider again the purpose for that pressure. 

The Peoples Hub organization stands by you to encourage you.

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana: Social Impact Report

The People's Hub organization based in the UK has joined efforts with the Eastfield Foundation school based in Ghana to empower women in their vicinity with skills that could help them to fight poverty and to develop them to be the "total woman".

The Peoples Hub organization has a vision to help communities, help end homelessness, hunger, poverty and ignorance by empowering youths with skills, education and provision of fundamental human needs. They know that making a difference in someone's life is far superior to making a living.

On the execution side to help and train women is Selasi Nyakpo from Ghana, who had the vision to support women through the Eastfield Foundation school's program. The foundation believes the people in the society can live a good and better life if given opportunities and resources, and can further help those who don't have any of these in their wider community.

Recently, the Eastfield Foundation school was sponsored by The People's Hub to organize training in cake baking and pastry making. The training was targeted at women and youths especially in rural areas.

Eastfield Foundation, Uganda

Women and youths in various rural areas were available at the training center and the creativity, passion and love for learning displayed by those available absolutely pointed to the fact that there are potentials and unique abilities within so many people. They only needed opportunities and support to harness these abilities for their individual usefulness. 

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

Summary of work

- Organised 8 vocational training programs for 800 girls and women in 15 communities across 6 districts in Ghana.

- Conducted management and entrepreneurial skills training sessions for 400 women at 5 districts in Ghana.

- Distributed 300 pair of crutches to 4 disability groups in the Central Region.

- Planted about 350 trees in 23 communities in 4 districts of Ghana.

- Organised 7 awareness and sensitization programs on rights of less-abled persons in 15 communities across 3 districts namely Awutu Senya East Municipal, Ga South, and Amasaman district all in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

During the training, it was observed that the attitude to learning, ability to organize oneself and understanding the processes and procedures in achieving tangible results was exhibited by those available at the training center. Questions were raised during and after the training, however, these questions indicated that the ideas on cake baking and pastry making have been received and understood but the lack of source and support for further practice is a threat to these individuals. The People's Hub wish to help Eastfield Foundation train more women in their communities.

You can donate to this project via Paypal CLICK HERE and please indicate that you wish the money to be sent to the 'Eastfield Foundation in Ghana'. We will personally keep you updated with progress if you wish, and also a chance to speak with these women whose lives you have helped.

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana
Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

According to Peter Lawal, The People's Hub Global Volunteers Director "Continuity is a key that makes Development, speciality, effectiveness and excellence possible. Therefore, In order for these people to be able to serve the community and improve their quality of living, support from those who can help is needed". 

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

Trainees appreciated the Peoples Hub and Eastfield Foundation school for their kindness in reaching out to them with quality skills and sponsorship of the training with a desire to have another training set up for them, said one of the trainees. 

Eastfield Foundation, Ghana

The Peoples Hub and the Eastfield Foundation school call upon everyone with the passion to help and make a difference in people's lives to kindly donate so we can sponsor more of their plans. They aim to help the less privileged in their communities in Ghana with various needs and skills to help them live a more fulfilled and happy life.

Please join our Global Gatherings Network to become part of our collective. Or you can donate specifically to this project via Paypal CLICK HERE and please indicate that you wish the money to be sent to the 'Eastfield Foundation in Ghana'.

Community Planning Alliance

1. Considering a Judicial Review?

5.30pm 2 March.  Click here to book.
This webinar will give an overview of considerations if you, or your campaign group, is considering a Judicial Review (JR)

2. Developer viability - how to challenge

5.30pm 21 March.  Click here to book.
Developer claims about what affordable housing & infrastructure they can and can't provide need to be scrutinised. Join us to learn how!

NPPF consultation & webinar

Please don't forget the Community Planning Alliance also have an NPPF webinar on 7 February at 5.30pm to discuss the proposed changes.   

Click here to book tickets. 

They have created a blank template with all of the consultation questions so that you can save it & share with your own groups for ease of creating your submission.   

(You will then have to copy the questions over to the Government portal unless you are choosing to submit an email).

You can find the Government description of changes here, and the NPPF with tracked changes here.

Judicial Review Webinar Details

5.30pm 2 March.  Click here to book.

Karen Phull, a partner in the Farrer & Co Planning and Environment team, will give us an overview of a Judicial Review (JR) of a Council’s decision to grant planning permission.

The webinar will include:

• Grounds for JR including case law

• Minimising cost exposure

• Time limits, pre-action letters and the process in the High Court

• How objectors can engage effectively in the planning application process

• What happens if your JR succeeds

About Karen

Karen's expertise in planning and environment sees her acting for developers, landowners and objectors. Her experience working for a local planning authority gives her a unique perspective. She works closely with most practice areas across the firm and has experience of contentious matters including judicial review and public inquiries. She is dual qualified in New York.

She has extensive experience of acting for third parties concerned by the impact of a proposed development, including judicial review proceedings. She is accustomed to quickly interpreting development proposals and submitting objections to planning and listed building applications. Her contentious experience also includes public inquiry work such as planning appeals and traffic order schemes.

Karen has acted for third parties affected by compulsory purchase orders, including HS2 and TfL schemes. She works closely with specialist counsel and CPO surveyors.

Karen also acts for a number of developers and has advised on the community infrastructure levy, local plans, section 106 agreements and related infrastructure, development and promotion agreements.

Having worked for a local planning authority Karen is familiar with the approach of authorities to planning enforcement action, including listed buildings. She regularly acts for clients affected by breaches of planning control and co-ordinates effectively with planning and heritage consultants to achieve a resolution.

Developer Viability - How To Challenge Webinar Details

Developer claims about what affordable housing & infrastructure they can and can't provide need to be scrutinised. Join the event to learn how!

Viability in development proposals – let’s level the playing field!

We are all familiar with stories of developers claiming that their development is not able to provide promised infrastructure or affordable housing, using 'viability' as the excuse. Communities lose out: the housing is built, but without the benefits promised at the outset. Please join us to find out about one of the least understood areas of planning: viability appraisals.

This is one of the most important webinars to attend to if we are to redress the balance in the system between developers (who deliberately ensure the system is complex), and communities/councils (who need to scrutinize proposals to ensure best outcomes are delivered.)

We are delighted that viability expert Murray Lloyd has agreed to talk to us and to answer your questions. He will tell us how developers game the system (and they most definitely do) and what the tricks of the trade are. Murray will demystify viability appraisals and tell us what we can challenge and how best to do it.

About Murray

Murray is an experienced property professional with a 30-year track record of successfully helping to deliver development projects of all types across the UK, ranging from housing, leisure, and logistic parks, through to major commercial and residential mixed-use developments, to complex regeneration schemes and transformational integrated development ventures.

Murray focuses on providing bespoke development management and viability advice to Local Authorities. He is a leading practitioner in viability and is currently undertaking a PhD specialising in this subject matter and regularly acts as an expert witness in planning appeal cases. He is a Director with property consultancy Continuum DM.

As always, the events are free, however donations are appreciated to help with the running costs of the Community Planning Alliance. Thank you

Report from Bamunaanika Youth Development Group

It is great pressure to represent to you our report about Bamunaanika Youth Development Group, led by Kimbowa Ivan. This group is located in Bamunaanika Village in the Mityana district which is 2 km from Mityana-Mubende high way.

The report am sharing is about the good work being done by friends from The People's Hub and Socially Homes International, and other volunteers team in Africa and Europe who are working well hard to help the people in our communities.

Our group has more than 30 members and we are so happy for the help. The Peoples Hub have been helping the Bamunaanika youth and the children especially the orphans. They have helped to fund us and got us support for food. With the funds we also managed to also get some fertilizer for the agricultural projects and now have some land, and we will start growing our own food to feed the children.

We thank the hub for their time and love that they have for the people of Mityana in Uganda. We are grateful for the money as we used it to get items for the children such as art and craft making materials, food and also items for our agricultural project.

Bamunaanika Youth Group projects are doing well. Projects include Book making, Vaseline and soap making. We have started by making books from local materials like cassava flour and we see that our aim of lifting the poor from poverty is being solved by employing local farmers of cassava.

Our Social Uganda: Book Binding Project

We have made some creative books but we now have a problem. We were taking our work into town and using an old cutting machine but the machine is not in good condition anymore.

We are asking the hub and friends if there is anyway they can help, maybe could help us source a new one through donations or alternatively someone if the region may have a second hand machine. We hope by sharing this information someone somewhere can help us.

A new cutting machine costs 6,000,000 UGX which is equal to £1,328.64 which we can't afford to get ourselves so we are looking at buying a 2nd hand one or if anybody has a used machine they no longer need we would be very grateful.

Our Social Uganda: Book Binding Project

If you wish to donate to this project, please donate via PayPal [top of the page on the right] and just add a note that the money is for Kimbowa and the children in Mityana and we will send them the money direct straight away. Or alternatively if you have an old machine get in contact and we will ask one of our friends in Uganda to arrange the necessary transport to pick up so there is no inconvenience to yourself.

Photo Credit: Pure Greens Container Farms, Arizona

"Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness."


Homelessness is a huge problem in the United States, but farming helps reduce it!

This was the opening statement in a recent article published in ‘Pure Green Blogs’, and it certainly caught the attention of the Socially Homes team, here at The Peoples Hub.

They share the same ambition and that is to tackle homelessness by any means possible.

While homelessness is a global issue, the reasons why people face homelessness is a global problem, and whilst homelessness presents differently country to country, the despair, hopelessness, and desperation associated with homelessness is often a common thread throughout.

The Socially Homes team are always exploring different avenues, searching for a solution, one we know for sure will work. Farming has been new concept to our team with projects springing in Newcastle and London, so we are keen to discover if there something to be learned from some of the experts in the USA.

We are never beyond a teachable moment, we are never afraid to replicate what is working well, admit what is not working well and more importantly we are never afraid to try what has never been done. Above all that we want to put individuals at the heart of all we do.

Nature or Nurture?

Reading further into the article farming is used to upskill people, offering skills and training that can be transferred to various other industries, so in tackling inequality, and discrimination of marginalised individuals, farming is used as tool to invite people in and nurture life- long skills that create a sense of belonging.

It could be argued this is the mission of every charity tackling homelessness, so what is it about farming that stands above the rest?

Is it nurture in that each individual can just be while working? They are not forced into the public eye under the umbrella of homelessness. They are not working from an establishment identifiable ‘for the homeless’, or is it down to the benefits of nature, we can never underestimate the power of nature.

The question we also want to ask is what can we do in UK to replicate the benefits and the success of this this programme. Who reports inspiring findings:

One farming rehabilitation program in Santa Cruz, California, has had so much success that 100% of its graduates in 2019 got jobs and 78% found housing.

Many homeless charities offer training and development as a means to long term employment, and hopefully housing, but how can we go a step further, think out-with the generic approach that already exist.

What can we do here in the UK and globally to increase nurture, tap into nature and offer a therapeutic approach to tackle unemployment and homelessness?

How can we support people in such a way that promotes inclusion and doesn’t leave people feeling even more polarised?

Can farming offer something unique as previously mentioned, in that it is not a café, shop, community establishment that’s sole purpose is tackle homelessness.

Is the success of the programme embedded in the fact people can join the workforce, without being seen and identified as homeless?

Is it that this project has many benefits to community, and they can foresee the difference they make, and this in turn allows them to reap intrinsic rewards along with making a difference?

These are just some of the questions we have when exploring new ways of working.

When you compare the results from farming to that of Homeboy Industries, the results speak the same language, but the setting is completely different.

Homeboy is identifiable as working with gang members, who often present with multiple issues, so what do they do tackle such issues, led by Father Gregory Boyle who promotes “no kinship, no peace” their mission is simple:

Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated people, allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community.

"Behind the Tattoos" - Episode 3: Homeboy Bakery

How do they achieve this?

Through storytelling, recovery, mentorship programmes, employment but more importantly through inclusion and humanising.

A native Angeleno and priest, from 1986 to 1992 Father Boyle served as pastor of Dolores Mission Church in Boyle Heights, then the poorest Catholic parish in Los Angeles that also had the highest concentration of gang activity in the city.

Father Boyle witnessed the devastating impact of gang violence on his community during the so-called “decade of death” that began in the late 1980s and peaked at 1,000 gang-related killings in 1992.  In the face of law enforcement tactics and criminal justice policies of suppression and mass incarceration as the means to end gang violence, he and parish and community members adopted what was a radical approach at the time: treat gang members as human beings.

Moral of the story: “Always look beyond what you can see”

Cooper, Mark A.
"Let's End Homelessness With Homes" Amy Varle

At the Global Gatherings event in October this year the energy was high. We have been facilitating the Global Gatherings all year and we honestly thought last month’s could not top it!

As in, September 2022, the government of Kansas / Missouri in the US joined us, alongside The Big Issue in the UK. Homelessness solutions at grassroots to governmental level. It was great to finally meet the amazing, Josh who helps people who are homeless in Kansas City.

Social Gatherings Online

This month, we met people from the Gambia, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria who own or work at orphanages who home, feed and educate the most vulnerable in our society, and property developers from Liverpool, UK who have many housing solutions.

Amy works with investors and people with money whereas we work with people who have nothing, completely nothing. Amy’s favourite month was September as her dream is that nobody on this earth should be without a safe home which of course, we at The Peoples Hub fully support. So Kansas government reaching out to get involved and kick start the whole thing in the United States of America is a massive life-changing moment after all of Amy's hard work.

"Homelessness ends in homes."

Amy Varle

In October, the Global Gatherings had a similar type of 'Action Energy' however it came via attendees from extremely poor nations. People in countries such as Uganda and the Gambia who have nothing but still found the time to join us and share their stories. We already know through collective action and shared resources that we can make the change now, rather than sitting around waiting for 'somebody else' to action. Between us we have the knowledge, the means, the way and the hope, to drive real change where it matters,

From the people who attended, Simon Murungi from Kenya, SOFAfrica who has shared his life's work with The Peoples Hub. Think Vincent van Gogh in the world of agriculture. In regards to regenerative agriculture, Simon has created and facilitated school community gardening projects, bee keeping courses, etc. in Kenya for many years. The Peoples Hub will be publishing these soon for SOFAfrica and agricultural learners across the globe. Let's Get Growing!


These courses and workshops will help Muwanika, Kimbowa, Christine and Kisembo who were at the event. They run orphanages in the Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. On this particular event, many of the attendees came from Uganda. This is because The Peoples Hub have been particularly trying to help the people of Mityana. They are on the main road, A109 to the capital of Uganda, Kampala.

Other things that came off the back of the event:

Simon is also working on a bamboo project for the whole of Kenya. We will aim to raise $10,000 via The Peoples Hub. This project is led by the wonderful, Dr LeeAnn Teal and Impact Fashion Hub. Bamboo being the connector here!

Do join our Social Enterprising Network and Let's Get Social Solving in 2023!

Lets Get Social

We are SO excited to welcome friends old and new as we now begin the roll-out of Socially Homes, our highly anticipated learning and networking programs.

Pack your bags for a road-trip guys!

We're off on tour of BEST practice social innovation:

Enterprise, Impact, Housing, Support, Campaigning, Investment, Development, Policy, Practice, Funding, Strategy, Solutions & More!

Over the next 12 months, as trusted Founding Members help us trial our pilot programs, we'll visit a diverse collective of leading impact investment initiatives, giving unique access to some of the most progressive social impact solutions operating in Britain - and across the rest of the world.

Members will be immersed in a new topic as they join an intensive, interactive learning and networking experience EVERY month, with virtual knowledge exchange sessions providing real-time specialist guidance and on-going exposure to new professionals, their techniques, tips and tricks.

You'll interact with the very best operators in our field, meeting everybody involved in the process, from joining impact investors at local development sites, to visiting government officials in Whitehall.

You'll get a rare insight from local authority staff and housing association bosses

You'll observe the very best specialist support providers in action

You'll be hosted by charitable organisations making institutionalized change

You'll join grass root groups as they deliver crisis care services on the ground

And, of course, you'll meet MANY of the people we collectively work to serve along the way 💕

Creating Social Solutions of the Future

Person Centred Approaches to Homelessness Eradication: Outcomes, Impact, Sustainability & Growth

With Northumberland Three Tier Solution Showcase - 'Street to Home and Beyond' - inc. Entire Project Contributor Round-table, Accommodation Portfolio Tour, Resident Farm Visit and Live Q&A Session

🌈 Communities Creating Change

The Journey of Housing First Part 1: Collaboration, Innovation & Mass Action

With Manchester Street Outreach 'Walk & Talk'

VIP Hosts, Speakers & Special Guests

Followed by Private Dining & Storytelling at iconic Stock Exchange Hotel, where Amy was recruited to assist for a number of months during 2015, as 60+ rough sleepers made global headlines when they squatted the derelict building - and were allowed to stay for the wintertime.

🌈 The Socially Secret Supper Club

'Welcome to My Socially Home'

Fundraising for 'Socially Ho, Ho, Homes' Christmas Giving Pop Up & Corporate Social Responsibility Showcase

EXCLUSIVE Founder's House/Rainbow HQ Festive Philanthropy Dinner, Champagne Reception, Private Chef, VIP Speakers, Elite Roundtable Strategy Session

VERY Special Guests & Dancing til Dark

Plus! Optional Volunteering Experience Opportunities with Member Charitable Partners

1-1 Consultation Sessions with Amy are included for All Guests

Calendar Ahead


Impact Investment Global Gathering

Best Practice Showcase: Strategies, Solutions, Leaders & Creators

Remote & Digital UK Property Impact Investment (from Malaysia)

Maximising a Digital Media Reach of Millions (from Los Angeles)

Compassionate Street Policing (from Florida)

Social Enterprise Funding Models (from Africa)

Housing First (from New York)

Community Built Recovery Village (from Las Vegas)

All Dates: TBC


National Approaches to Tackling Global Homelessness Crisis

Aligning Cities, Cultures, People & Practices to Create Unified Action for Ethical Social Impact

Visiting Friends of Socially Homes in London

Including our Personal Introduction to Crisis HQ, with Crisis CEO Address & Housing Heads Session, Live Tour of Crisis Skylight Centre, Parliamentary Visit with VIP DLUHC/CHI Strategy Session, Member Private Dining & Knowledge Exchange Evening

All Dates: TBC

March 2023

In Loving Memory of John Chadwick and Kelly Walsh 😇

Becoming a Force for Good

Compassionate Campaigning, Practical Pilot Research & Positive Policy Change

Remembering John and Kelly in Kent with Dee Bonett Amy & Friends

Attend our Rainbow 'Pet Soup Kitchen' Pop Up & Street Well-being Clinic, Pilot Project Accommodation Tour & Social Strategy Session with LA Reps & Local Delivery Partners

All Dates: TBC

APRIL 2023

Media, Marketing & Movement Building:

The Journey of Housing First

Part 2: 'Social Media for Social Good'

Becoming a 'Social' Influencer and the Secret Art of Digital Promotion for Ultimate Societal Impact

Inc PR, Storytelling, Media Campaigns, Online Fundraising, Expert Etiquette, Positive Profile Raising, Audience Leverage

Mastermind Classes with Digital Media & Amplification Experts, inc Reps from Amnesty International & Wikipedia, the Social Change Agency & Specialist Community Members

All Dates: TBC

The ONLY way to access this HIGHLY subsidised program is to join the community as a Founding Member to be part of our pilot trials!

Ready for a Happy New Year. Let's Get Social


Please note, all digital sessions and site visits are INCLUDED in the monthly membership fee - Dinners, drinks and externally hosted evening events etc are optional to attend and charged separately.

A LIMITED number of tickets for some of our events will be available to non-members on a first come, first served basis, as we conduct a traffic audit across various hosting platforms, so please let us know ASAP if you would like to reserve a place at ANY session listed above before this goes live.

If you have any questions please contact Samuel Evans or you can send a message to The Peoples Hub and they will link you up with us. We are so excited for the year ahead and I can't wait to get on the road and get to know the new Dream Team! - Amy, and #SociallySorted Sam xX

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
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