A Small Good Thing

A Small Good Thing

A Small Good Thing is a community greengrocers with a focus on seasonal, organic produce and waste reduction. We are always making small steps to reduce our environmental impact.

Do we do veg boxes?

Course we do!  We know you’re in a rush.  We’ll deliver it, depending on where you live, or you can come and grab it from the shop.  We’re right next to a great bakery, and it’s easy parking.

Or if reducing carbon footprint’s your thing, take a walk over.  Bring your bags.  Oh, and a lidded cup or flask, you’ll want to try our delicious hot soup.

Because if you take a closer look, we’re not just a greengrocer.  One small good thing tends to lead to another…

Find Us

29 Church Rd, Bolton BL1 6HE, UK
07857 092656
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