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Bank Of Dave - Helping People on the Road Since 2011

Bank On Dave: Burnley Savings and Loans is a vehicle finance company with a heart. Founded in 2011 by David Fishwick, a Burnley native with a passion for helping people. The company has grown to become a trusted provider of car, van, minibus, motorbike, caravan, and motorhome loans to customers across the UK.

Bank On Dave's Story: From Finance Guru to Community Champion

Dave Fishwick has always had a knack for numbers and a deep love for his community. After a successful career in the finance industry, he saw a gap in the market for a vehicle finance company that put people first. Burnley Savings and Loans was born from this desire to make car ownership accessible and affordable for everyone. Regardless of their credit history.

Bank On Dave: A Mission Driven by Fairness and Financial Inclusion

Burnley Savings and Loans is more than just a loan company. It's a mission-driven organization committed to treating its customers fairly and with respect. They believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to own a vehicle. They work hard to make that dream a reality for their customers.

Case Studies: Putting People Before Profits

Bank On Dave: Burnley Savings and Loans is proud of its track record of helping people achieve their financial goals. They have a number of success stories on their website, including:

  • Helping a young couple buy their first car: Sarah and Michael were struggling to save for a deposit on a car. Burnley Savings and Loans was able to provide them with a loan. It allowed them to buy the car of their dreams and start their family life on the right foot.
  • Supporting a local business: Burnley Savings and Loans is committed to supporting the local community. They provided a loan to a local builder to help him purchase a new van. This allowed him to expand his business and create new jobs.
  • Giving someone a second chance: After a period of financial difficulty, John's credit score was damaged. Burnley Savings and Loans was able to look beyond his credit history and see the potential in him. They provided him with a loan to buy a car. This allowed him to get back on his feet and find a new job.

These are just a few examples of how Burnley Savings and Loans is making a difference in the lives of its customers. They are committed to providing flexible and affordable finance solutions that help people achieve their dreams.

More Than Just Loans: A Commitment to the Community

Bank On Dave: Burnley Savings and Loans is also a proud member of the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS). The VRS is a scheme that helps to protect vulnerable customers from financial fraud. Burnley Savings and Loans is committed to protecting its customers and ensuring that they are treated fairly.

In addition to their work with the VRS, Burnley Savings and Loans is also involved in a number of other community initiatives.

Burnley Savings and Loans: Your Partner on the Road to Financial Freedom

If you are looking for a vehicle finance company that puts you first, Burnley Savings and Loans is the perfect choice. With their competitive rates, flexible terms, and commitment to customer service, they will help you get the loan you need to get on the road to financial freedom.

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30 Keirby Walk, Burnley, United Kingdom
01282 454744
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