Behind Bras

Behind Bras

Behind Bras is a UK-based charity organization dedicated to supporting women who have experienced domestic abuse or are living in vulnerable situations. They aim to provide these women with essential items, particularly bras, to help them regain their confidence, dignity, and self-esteem. 


Here are some details about Behind Bras, their contribution to the community, and ways to support their important work:


Mission and Objectives:


Behind Bras is driven by the mission of empowering and supporting women affected by domestic abuse. They recognize the importance of a properly fitting bra in restoring confidence and well-being for women who have experienced trauma. Their primary objective is to collect and distribute donated bras to women in need, along with other essential items.


Also, their concept aims to empower and give hope to serving and former women prisoners to provide meaningful and aspirational careers for the fashion, retail and associated creative industries.   



They do this in order to reduce re-offending, access sustainable opportunities and contribute to the economy as valued members of society.    


Provision of Bras


Behind Bras collects new and gently used bras from individuals, businesses, and organizations. These donated bras are carefully sorted, cleaned, and distributed to women in domestic violence refuges, homeless shelters, and other support services across the UK. The organization ensures that the bras are in good condition and properly fitted to meet the diverse needs of the recipients.


Also, to provide optimism whilst removing the stigma and discrimination associated with socially excluded and underrepresented women. They believe such women should feel included and equally able to access opportunities free from stereotypes.



Impact on the Community:


Behind Bras makes a significant impact on the lives of women in vulnerable situations. By providing properly fitting bras, they address a crucial yet often overlooked need. Wearing a well-fitted bra can boost self-confidence, enhance comfort, and contribute to a sense of normalcy for women who have experienced trauma or are living in difficult circumstances.


  • Gives each woman a sense of purpose, practical knowledge and self-belief to support themselves and their families. 


  • Gives participating candidates a future to gain the relevant skills, knowledge and opportunities by providing aspirational careers.


  • Gives families stability through the promise of paid work at the end of the programme.


  • Teaches former prisoners families the value of education and training.


  • Reduces re-offending rates among participants because they are able to gain paid employment after release.


  • Saves public spending on unemployment benefits, reduces justice agencies time (police, courts, probation, prisons) dealing with reoffending and reduces health and social care agencies’ time.


  • Delivers significant savings to society through a reduction in re-offending rates


Empowerment and Dignity:


Beyond the practical support of providing bras, Behind Bras aims to empower women and restore their dignity. They understand that domestic abuse can erode a person's sense of self-worth, and by addressing this specific need, they help to rebuild women's confidence and self-esteem. This, in turn, can positively impact their overall well-being and empower them to move forward.


They're a social purpose venture providing personal development workshops and vocational training.  Their primary aim is to help all women who take part in their 'Inspiring Women: Inside and Outside'  programme to break free from inequality through financial independence in order to become self-sufficient and build successful lives.


They want to restore dignity and pride as well as self-worth within the individual. Their purpose is to inspire and empower in order that individuals feel motivated to pursue careers and go on to succeed in life.  


Collaboration and Partnerships:


Bras works in collaboration with domestic violence refuges, homeless shelters, and other organizations supporting women in need. They establish partnerships to ensure that their donations reach those who can benefit the most from them. By working together with local communities and support services, they maximize their impact and reach.


Supporting Behind Bras:


There are several ways individuals and communities can support Behind Bras and their valuable work:

  1. Donating Bras:

Individuals can donate new or gently used bras of all sizes to Behind Bras. These donations help expand their inventory and ensure that they can cater to the diverse needs of the women they support.


  1. Financial Contributions:

Behind Bras welcomes financial donations to cover operational costs, such as cleaning, storage, and distribution expenses. These contributions help sustain their operations and allow them to reach more women in need.


  1. Fundraising Initiatives:

Organize fundraising events or campaigns to raise awareness and funds for Behind Bras. This can include sponsored walks, charity runs, online fundraisers, or collaborations with local businesses to host fundraising activities.


  1. Volunteer Support:

Behind Bras relies on volunteers to help with sorting, cleaning, and organizing donated bras. Individuals can offer their time and skills to assist with these tasks, either on a regular basis or during specific events or donation drives.


  1. Spreading the Word:

Raise awareness about Behind Bras and their mission within your community. Share their work on social media, participate in local community events to promote their cause, and encourage others to get involved or donate.


  1. Corporate Support:

Businesses and organizations can support Behind Bras through corporate partnerships, sponsorships, or workplace donation drives. They can also explore opportunities to collaborate with Behind Bras to create lasting impacts within their communities.


By supporting Behind Bras, individuals and communities contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for women who have experienced domestic abuse or are living in vulnerable situations. Through their efforts, Behind Bras helps restore dignity, confidence, and hope to these women, enabling them to move forward and rebuild their lives.

Find Us

27 Dingley Rd, London EC1V, UK
0208 0033 247
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