Bettr Barista

Bettr Barista

Bettr Barista offers professional certification courses that are internationally recognised and catered to coffee hobbyists, industry specialists and everyone in between. 

Bettr Barista has trained over 4,300 people from 30 countries (from Australia to Zimbabwe!) in over 1,200 courses and workshops.

The Academy is a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Premier Campus, and an Approved Training Organisation accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). Bettr Barista continuously strives to make specialty coffee education accessible by bringing international talent to deliver high-level professional courses and masterclasses and securing training funding for corporate and private students, including SkillsFuture Credit funding support. 

Instructors include a specialist faculty of Advanced Certificate in Training, and Assessment (ACTA) qualified adult educators who are SCA-certified trainers and who uphold a strong presence in international coffee events and competitions as judges and competitors.

Welcome to one of the most renowned places in Asia to learn about coffee. 6000 square feet of learning and workshop space, fully equipped as a SCA Premium Training Campus, complete with a micro-roastery that ensures a conducive and comprehensive learning experience 

The academy is furnished with dedicated workstations and equipment for all learners without the need to share, for a more focused and intimate learning experience.


Taught by fully qualified industry specialists who are ACTA-qualified adult educators and Authorised SCA Trainers (ASTs).

Trainer Accolades include:

  • SCA Board Director
  • Judges at World, Regional and National coffee competitions
  • Singapore Coffee In Good Spirits Champion 2017 & 2018/ World #4 Coffee In Good Spirits 2017

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Yishun, Singapore
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