Blue Sheep Crafts

Blue Sheep Crafts

A social enterprise that supports minority ethnic groups in and around China. The cafe sells products made by these people in a welcoming environment.

Blue Sheep is built on three components. The first is its handicrafts and coffee shop, which buys products from skilled artisans who either live in remote areas or have been restricted by illness, poverty, a disability and disaster, and sells them to a larger market. Many are traditional handicrafts made by minority ethnic groups, such as the Miao, Yi, Tibetan and Qiang. The profits are returned to the artisans, their community or to a particular area of need. This ensures artisans are given a fair price and protects China’s diverse and traditional customs. The cafe sells great coffee, tea and homemade ice cream in a friendly and welcoming environment close to Chengdu's Tibetan area. Free Wifi and phone charging are available.

The second area is relief work in which profits are used to benefit the producer, their communities or others in need as in post disaster situations. Blue Sheep has provided food and bedding, solar lights, first aid equipment and rabbits to farmers after earthquakes, floods and landslides and supplied books for community libraries and scholarships for the education of poor students. It also helped to build dormitories, kitchen, an incinerators and toilets for schools serving one of China's minority ethnic groups. Profits from second-hand sales have also been used to buy new wheelchairs for the disabled, and blood transfusions for those in need.

The third (and more recent) aspect of Blue Sheep's vision is embodied in the Eco Hub - a new shop and urban farm, through which Blue Sheep hopes to encourage their neigbours to reduce waste, grow healthy food at home, recycle what they can and to make healthy choices through conspicuous buying. The craft shop also holds second hand sales and Zero Waste events. This Eco Hub is still fairly experimental, and it is hoped that it can be profitable and self-sustaining whilst still upholding the Blue Sheep vision!

In short, Blue Sheep strives to enable the most disadvantaged to support themselves, and for as many people as possible to make healthy choices, for themselves and the environment, through empowerment, encouragement, and support.

Find Us

Gao Sheng Qiao Bei Jie, Wu Hou Qu, Cheng Du Shi, Si Chuan Sheng, China, 610093
+86 137 7886 2425
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