Bounceback Food CIC 

Bounceback Food CIC 

Their fight against food poverty began in 2014, when ‘buy one, give one’ was a first a tested concept with a basic range of food at a Christmas market stall in Salford. 

Their Community Meal Drives provide hot nutritious meals for vulnerable people who struggle to access food. Operating ‘buy one, give one’ foodbank drives at markets and events, that generate donations of pasta, rice, tinned food, soup and cereal to our local foodbank partners. So far, securing over 10,000 donations! 

Delivery teams, prep, batch cook and distribute hot nutritious meals, often as part of holiday hunger initiatives, for young people living in food poverty. So far, generating 75,000+ meals since 2014! 

Since 2014, they’ve taught more than 2,500 people how to cook including stroke survivors, young carers, foodbank beneficiaries and elderly people living in sheltered accommodation. 

Taking a sustainable approach to tackling food poverty by providing all of our Partner Charities and their beneficiaries with free access to our Cooking & Nutrition Portal.  

Offering a variety of cooking and employment support programmes that help people achieve the accredited skills needed to gain employment in the food sector and/or set up their own food business!  

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2 Federation St, Manchester M4 4BF, UK
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