BREADA's Flourishing Work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

BREADA (Big River Economic & Agricultural Development Alliance) is more than just a farmers market operator. It is a champion for a healthy local food system, fostering economic opportunities for farmers, providing access to fresh food for families, and cultivating a vibrant community hub.

Rooted in Community:

BREADA's mission is as clear as the crisp Louisiana air: to build a strong and sustainable local food system. They don't just operate markets; they curate experiences. Their carefully planned Red Stick Farmers Markets, spread across four locations, are more than places to buy groceries; they're vibrant gathering spaces that bring people together. Here, farmers and food artisans connect with consumers, families find the freshest local produce, and the community finds a place to connect and celebrate their shared love for good food.

Beyond the Market Stalls:

BREADA's impact extends far beyond the bustling market atmosphere. They are a powerful advocate for change, pushing for positive food policy reforms at both state and national levels. Their commitment to education goes beyond the classroom walls, as they host engaging farm-to-school activities that connect children with the origins of their food.

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Nourishing Communities:

Recognizing the importance of nurturing small businesses, BREADA operates the Main Street Market, a six-day-a-week incubator that provides a platform for fledgling food businesses to take root and flourish. Their commitment to healthy eating extends to their nutrition incentive programs, encouraging residents to make healthy choices. Furthermore, BREADA stands by local farmers during challenging times, offering financial assistance in the wake of natural disasters or crises.

A Story of Collaboration and Growth:

BREADA's success is a testament to the power of collaboration. By working hand-in-hand with farmers, food producers, policymakers, educators, and the community at large, they are weaving a stronger, healthier future for Baton Rouge. Their dedication to sustainable practices ensures a thriving food system for generations to come.

BREADA - Darlene Adams Rowland interview

@danieljfields interview with Darlene Adams Rowland

Join the Movement:

If you're inspired by BREADA's mission and want to be a part of their journey, visit their website to learn more about volunteer opportunities, advocacy efforts, and upcoming market events. Let's celebrate organizations like BREADA that are making a real difference in their communities.

Find Us

501 Main St, Baton Rouge, LA, United States, Louisiana
+1 225-267-5060
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