Breadshare is a non-profit, social enterprise whose mission is REAL BREAD FOR EVERYONE.

Real Bread
As a social enterprise, Breadshare wants to fix the problems caused by modern, industrially-produced bread.

Our solution is to:

Make bread using slow fermentation techniques, using only the best organic ingredients, without additives

Educate the general public through opportunities to talk to people at community groups, local and farmers markets, and bakery visits and workshops

Make nutritious bread more accessible by keeping our prices down

Take an active role in the local food supply chain by looking at smaller and more sustainable processing and distribution options

Support the establishment of new community bakeries through licensing the Breadshare model and assisting other communities to do what we have done.

Longer fermentation (at least four hours), preferably in the presence of sourdough bacteria

Made using not only roller-milled white flour

Made in one continuous process i.e. no part-baking or freezing of the dough

Uses locally milled flour*

Has a salt content in line with FSA guidance – 1% or less of final product weight

Product is certified organic

Made be small, independent bakeries or at home

* we are currently using locally milled flour in some of our products.

Find Us

4 Jane St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 5HD, UK
0131 538 4518
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