Canadian Center For Women’s Empowerment

Canadian Center For Women’s Empowerment


The Canadian Centre for Women’s Empowerment is a national organization, based in Ottawa, Canada dedicated to empowering domestic violence survivors through advocacy, mentorship, and economic empowerment.


CCFWE works collaboratively with organizations and individuals to develop a comprehensive approach that enables domestic violence survivors to recover from economic abuse. It also addresses critical gaps in funding and policies which are preventing survivors from recovering and becoming economically secure and independent.


We envision a world where domestic violence survivors can access and receive the resources they require to develop and achieve economic empowerment, and so improve their general well-being.


  • To help survivors heal, build resilience and lead a healthy lifestyle
  • To economically empower survivors to strengthen their financial knowledge and behaviors to achieve financial safety and security
  • To influence policymakers and financial institutions to remove structural financial obstacles that impact the economic empowerment of survivors
  • The raise public awareness on economic abuse in the context of domestic violence

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Ottawa, ON, Canada
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