Caring Cooks of Jersey

Caring Cooks of Jersey

A Jersey charity and registered NPO founded in 2014, who believe that good food and nutrition from birth and throughout a child’s life is crucial to successful development, in all areas of their lives. All services are either subsidised or provided free of charge to families and are funded entirely by charitable donations and fundraising. 

Weekly meal service, which supports, on average, 30 adults and children each week, through times of hardship, be that serious illness, or financial challenges. 

The Let’s Get Cooking Programme which delivers food and nutrition education to ensure that primary school children go to secondary school with an understanding of basic nutrition and an armory of essential life skills. 

The Kitchen Garden Project which provides school children with the tools they need to grow food from seed and prepare nutritious meals from scratch, equips them with some of life’s most valuable skills. 

Flourish a project for primary and secondary schools which provides hot and cold food to fuel learning. 

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Jersey JE4 8SB, Jersey
01534 710989
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