Certain Curtain Theatre

Certain Curtain Theatre

Claire Moore and John Woudberg, co-founded Certain Curtain Theatre Company, a professional touring theatre company in May 1989.

Renowned for tackling sensitive and controversial subjects with dynamic originality they have been at the forefront of domestic abuse drama since 1995.

John and Claire have created a unique brand of theatre - writing and producing only original work – they aim to take the harsh, raw elements of life and language, mix them with a startling lyrical flavour and add a touch of attitude, to create something new, edgy, daring and dangerous - to give people what they don't expect!

Using dynamic original theatre they seek to create works of art that are at once dark, beautiful – and human.

To engage their audiences from start to finish; to explore our shared humanity, confront our own prejudices and see things differently. Lifting ‘issue-based’ drama to a whole new level.

We are a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and operate without any revenue funding. Much of the company's work is a result of recommendation from previous successes.

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Strand Rd, Preston PR1 8UJ, UK
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