Edward Hopper House

Edward Hopper House

The arts are central to life – they bring us joy, inspiration, awe and sadness. they soothe us and give expression to our culture, our thoughts and our feelings. Few better encapsulated their national culture than Edward Hopper, an American Painter who achieved iconic status for his life and work. His depiction of America speaks more eloquently than many historical accounts. That’s why his legacy will live on.

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The only way to truly understand an artist’s influences and inspiration is to be at the place where it was nurtured. The Edward Hopper House Museum and Study Center is just that – it is the house in Nyack New York, where he was born and lived for almost thirty years.  Although this 1858 built house had fallen into disrepair after his death in 1910, the local community banded together and worked hard to restore it. Now it stands as a lasting testament to one of the world’s great painters who remains a source of inspiration and learning for young artists from around the world who use it as a study center. To marvel at great works of art, is one thing, to be at the heart of where it all began is another.

This is truly a must visit.

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82 N Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960, USA
(845) 358 0774
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