Farm Europe

Farm Europe

The Farm Europe is the European organisation which represents the crop protection sector. Their members are leading global companies and European national associations working in conventional pesticides, biopesticides, plant biotech innovation, and digital and precision farming. Their ambition is to help European farmers transition towards a more sustainable and resilient agriculture. Providing the largest toolbox possible for them to choose their preferred production model. 


Farm Europe is a policy-oriented think tank based in Brussels, Belgium. Its primary focus is on shaping agricultural and rural policies in Europe. Also promoting ethical sustainable evidenced competitive agriculture. The organization works to provide independent and -based analysis, recommendations, and policy solutions to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector.


Farm Europe conducts research, analysis, and advocacy to promote a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector in Europe. They engage with various stakeholders, including policymakers, farmers, industry representatives, and civil society. To foster dialogue and collaboration for the development of effective agricultural policies.



They have achieved several notable accomplishments over the years. While specific achievements may vary over time, here are some key highlights of Farm Europe's contributions:


  1. Policy Recommendations: Farm Europe has been influential in providing evidence-based policy recommendations to shape agricultural and rural policies in Europe. Their research and analysis have contributed to discussions on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, the future of the European agricultural model, and the promotion of sustainable farming practices.


  1. Dialogue and Collaboration: The organization has played a significant role in fostering dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders in the agricultural sector. Farm Europe organizes events, conferences, and workshops that bring together policymakers, farmers, industry representatives, and experts to exchange ideas, share experiences, and work towards common goals.


  1. Thought Leadership: Farm Europe has established itself as a respected and influential think tank in the field of agricultural policy. Their research reports, studies, and publications provide valuable insights and perspectives on critical issues, helping to shape discussions and policies related to agriculture, rural development, and food security.


  1. Innovation and Sustainability: Farm Europe has been at the forefront of promoting innovation and sustainability in European agriculture. They have advocated for the adoption of new technologies, precision farming techniques, and sustainable practices that enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impacts.


  1. International Engagement: Farm Europe actively participates in international debates and collaborations related to agriculture. They engage with international organizations, policymakers, and stakeholders to share expertise, contribute to global agricultural policy discussions, and promote the interests of European agriculture on the international stage.


  1. Supporting Farmers' Interests: Farm Europe works to represent and advocate for the interests of farmers, aiming to ensure their economic viability, competitiveness, and sustainability. They provide a platform for farmers to voice their concerns, share experiences, and contribute to policy discussions.


  1. Contribution to Rural Development: Farm Europe recognizes the importance of vibrant rural areas and works towards promoting rural development. They emphasize the need for diversification, entrepreneurship, and innovation in rural communities to create sustainable and thriving rural economies.


It's important to note that Farm Europe's achievements are the result of ongoing efforts and collaborations with various stakeholders. Through their research, policy recommendations, and engagement activities, Farm Europe continues to make a significant impact in shaping agricultural policies and promoting sustainable farming practices in Europe.


Society can contribute to supporting Farm Europe in several ways some of which are:


  1. Awareness and Engagement: The society can increase awareness of Farm Europe's work and the importance of sustainable agriculture. By staying informed about their research findings, policy recommendations, and events, individuals can engage in discussions, share knowledge, and advocate for sustainable farming practices.


  1. Collaboration: Collaborating with Farm Europe can be beneficial for farmers, agricultural organizations, and related stakeholders. Through partnerships and knowledge sharing, the society can contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable agricultural practices, innovative farming techniques, and effective policy solutions.


  1. Funding and Donations: Farm Europe, like many think tanks and non-profit organizations, relies on funding to support its research and advocacy activities. Individuals and organizations can contribute through donations or sponsorships to help sustain and expand Farm Europe's initiatives.


  1. Participating in Events and Workshops: Farm Europe organizes various events, workshops, and conferences that bring together stakeholders from the agricultural sector. Active participation in these events can provide valuable insights, exchange of ideas, and collaboration opportunities to address common challenges and contribute to the development of sustainable agricultural policies.


  1. Supporting Policy Initiatives: Farm Europe actively engages with policymakers and institutions to shape agricultural policies. The society can support these policy initiatives by staying informed about relevant policy debates, providing feedback to policymakers, and participating in consultations and public hearings.


By supporting Farm Europe, the society can contribute to the development of sustainable and competitive agriculture in Europe. This collaboration can lead to the adoption of policies that address environmental challenges, promote rural development, ensure food security, and create a resilient agricultural sector that benefits farmers, consumers, and the broader society.

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