Four Leaf Farm

Four Leaf Farm

Have you ever thought about how the
vegetables you eat are grown? Do you think about the farming processes
involved? Well, at Four leaf farm, we do not just grow vegetables, but we
practice organic and regenerative farming by taking care of the soil the right
way and growing chemical-free vegetables in a healthy and earth-friendly way
fit for consumption.

Born out of a passion for sufficient living
and sustainability, Four leaf farm, a regenerative organic farm based in
Saintfield, Northern Ireland, was founded by a small team of Michael and Alex
in 2020. Since then, we have not looked back and have gone on to carry out
community supported agriculture, growing healthy organic vegetables such as
Micro greens, Potatoes, Beetroot, Rainbow Radish, Broccoli, Carrots, Scallions,
Spring Onions, Swiss Chard, Kohlrabi, Fennel bulb, Dill, Rhubarb, Tokyo Turnip,
Kale, Coriander, Chive Flowers, Tomatoes, Basil and now, fresh eggs.

Acknowledging the downside associated with
conventional food production, we decided to try an alternative method by
following a more natural path to sustainable food production, which has led us
at Four leaf farm to develop a garden market. As a result of our love for
sustainable living and community, we are on a mission to produce healthy food using
regenerative agriculture principles by growing organic and fresh salad leaves,
vegetables, and recently pasture-raised eggs. It is all part of our mission to
serve our community better by offering organically grown vegetables and fresh
eggs from our free-range hens at a very affordable rate.

We do not only sell but create a connection
between our local community and us. Also, we do not only pay heed to a set of
principles that goes beyond organic farming but focus on improving soil health
each year, producing nutrient-dense and healthy food, and growing in a way that
nurtures the micro biome around our plants and in our bodies. It means we
prefer the natural approach and do not spray any chemicals on our plants, not
to mention we try to replicate the ecosystem of a forest floor following a 'no
dig' method of growing, made known by growers such as @charles_dowding

Furthermore, we use mushroom and green
waste compost for our bed forming, which acts as a mulch to smother out weeds
below while feeding the plants and soil life. The mushroom composite comprises
straw, chicken manure, peat moss & gypsum and is full of mycelium. Each
year, we have to top up with a small layer of good compost which will feed the
soil for that season. The beds will never be dug over or rotovated, which keeps
all the needed things like fungal networks, worms & soil structure intact.
We occasionally broad fork to aerate the soil without turning it over.
Sometimes, we provide extra nutrition to heavy feeding plants with pelleted
chicken manure and seaweed feeds. We alongside employ the lactic acid bacteria
(LAB) solution. Bacteria like these are found all around us and are some of the
strongest. It is essential to know that the same bacteria are present in some
fermented foods such as sourdough and kimchi and are beneficial to gut health.

As part of the green box program, selected
greens and vegetables at their prime are made available to those in our
community each week. These items vary throughout the season. These boxes
contain seasonal salad mix, cooking greens/ head lettuce, Herbs, and micro
greens. Some things that will also feature in the boxes throughout the season
are tomatoes, cucumbers, roots, and edible flowers. Our products come in small
and large packs, a single plastic-free option, a few handy pick-up points that
suit everyone, and possible delivery for people whose homes are close to the farm.
A great size of our growing space is devoted to leafy greens, herbs, and
tomatoes. Furthermore, it is tasking to source them locally and super fresh,
which is why we are maximizing a small space like ours to make them available
for our community.

You can look forward to fresh mixed salad
bags, beet, spring onion, spicy oriental greens, sweet cherry tomatoes, coriander / parsley / basil,
and pardon peppers.

Find Us

Saintfield, Ballynahinch BT24, UK
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