Ger-Rwanda - Global Initiative for Environment and Reconciliation

Ger-Rwanda: Global Initiative for Environment and Reconciliation

GER-Rwanda: Global Initiative for Environment and Reconciliation (GER) is a non-governmental organization based in Rwanda.

Our Mission is to contribute to Peace building, conflicts transformation and ecosystem management for a peaceful and sustainable ethical community.

Since 2015, we have walked hand-in-hand with communities, training them in the art of healing and reconciliation, in partnership with CFOR and NURC. Our commitment extends beyond scars of the past, encompassing diverse groups, including those scarred by the horrors of genocide.

We are not merely stewards of our planet, but partners in a delicate dance with nature. As the threads of humanity and ecology intertwine, GER-Rwanda emerges as a vibrant tapestry, dedicated to nurturing a harmonious relationship between people and the earth. Our vision unfolds like a verdant landscape, where communities not only coexist in peace with one another, but also embrace their role as guardians of their ecosystems.

Unifying peacebuilding and environmental resilience in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region, GER-Rwanda stands as a bridge across troubled waters. This commitment to nurturing a harmonious relationship between people and the earth blossoms vibrantly in Gashora (Photo below), Bugesera District of Rwanda, where a profound tale of transformation unfolds as a Conservation Campaign blooms, promoting Nature-Based Solutions for Peace.

GER Rwanda Innocent

The radiant sun graced GER Rwanda and its Gashora partners as they embarked on the inaugural phase of an ambitious tree-planting venture. A vibrant mix of various tree species and the revered indigenous "Umuharata," took root, birthing what would be fondly christened the "Forest of Immortality." A crescendo of inspiration echoed through the air as a GER Rwanda representative took the stage. Amidst the verdant expanse, he articulated GER's pledge to forge sustainable peace by nurturing the environment. The act of tree planting, he proclaimed, transcended ecological preservation, emerging as a conduit to lasting peace, unity, and harmony. Gratitude filled the air, accompanied by a reminder of a forthcoming challenge—providing cooking stoves to 15 deserving families.

In response, JMV Uwingabo, the esteemed Agronomist district representative, conveyed heartfelt appreciation. He lauded GER's multifaceted contributions, from essentials provision to environmental conservation. The concept of the "Forest of Immortality" resonated deeply, and Uwingabo underscored women's pivotal role in monitoring and nurturing the planted trees for a flourishing legacy.

GER Rwanda events

Meanwhile, in Ruhango district (in photo above) Musamo cell, GER continued their environmental stewardship during a dedicated week for conservation. The focus shifted to nurturing the green Amayaga program, with traditional trees finding a new home—an affirmation of the commitment to expand the afforested area and protect the environment. The zenith of the day unfolded with the planting of a tree symbolizing unity and shared responsibility— aptly named "The Basis of Unity." Attendees were treated to insightful discussions on ecosystem preservation and the profound significance of traditional trees in maintaining biodiversity. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the seeds of unity and conservation sown by GER Rwanda began to take root. The promise of a future where the "Forest of Immortality" stands tall emerged—a testament to the enduring harmony between nature and humanity.

GER Rwanda tree planting

Venturing into Gasabo district, another chapter unfolded as groups dedicated to unity and integrity—Elders' Group "United as we Develop" and the youth group "Rays of Peace"—collaborated on a tree-planting activity in Nduba/Gasabo sector (in photo above). Supported by the GERRwanda community, they designated the planted area as "The Fountain for Unity and Integrity."

Summing up, Innocent Musore GER's Executive Director (in photo below) underscores that GER’s commitment extends beyond treeplanting, delving into community dialogues. He highlights that these dialogues foster community engagement in utilizing naturebased solutions, foster knowledge exchange and learning, strengthening resilience, conflict resolution related to environment, catalyzing behavioral change and nurturing a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment a narrative where harmony and peace intertwine seamlessly. He pointed out that from 2024, GER Rwanda will embark on knowledge sharing with regional partners on community best practices related to Nature-Based Solutions through synergized actions.

GER Rwanda sharing collaboration with neighbouring countries

Preventing future tragedies lies at the heart of our mission. We strive to transform conflicts, tackle environmental issues, and empower women and youth as catalysts for positive change. Our holistic approach embraces the tapestry of life, weaving together the threads of ecology, social justice, economic opportunity, and cultural vibrancy. Through shared activities and knowledge exchange, communities become active participants in their own transformation, healing their wounds and protecting their environment.

GER-Rwanda stands not alone in this noble pursuit. We forge strong partnerships with communities, civil society organizations, and government institutions, not only in Rwanda but also across the Great Lakes region – a land scarred by conflict, the ravages of climate change, and the burden of poverty. By working hand-in-hand, sharing experiences, and amplifying our collective voices, we advocate for lasting peace and environmental sustainability on a regional, national, and global stage.

Positive change, we believe, is not a fleeting dream, but a tangible reality within reach. When communities are empowered and actively engaged, seeds of transformation blossom into sturdy trees, their branches reaching towards a brighter future. We invite you to join us in this endeavor, whether as individuals, organizations, foundations, or development partners. Together, we can weave a stronger, greener, and more harmonious tapestry for generations to come.

GER-Rwanda, a beacon of hope for a world where peace, reconciliation, and environmental stewardship walk hand-in-hand. Join us, and together, let's paint a greener tomorrow.

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When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
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