Greene Planting

Greene Planting

Greene Planting is aimed at improving and monitoring sustainability through planting, which enhances food security and health benefits in communities, sequesters carbon dioxide in the air, and mitigates deforestation and erosion.

Sequestration of carbon dioxide:

Greene Planting would improve climate sustainability by planting trees and monitoring this impact via the Greene App (which monitors plants' growth, gives information about the weather and how it affects trees/ plants owned and how the plants should be cared for. It provides the number of trees to sequester CO2 emissions in a geographical location, and finally, links farmers to food processing facilities to reduce post-harvest losses).


Greene Planting would provide an avenue for food security and employment in rural areas, further improving the region's development.

Mitigating Deforestation and Erosion:

Greene Planting plants trees in areas to aid soil stabilization and reduce erosion in the long run.

At Greene Planting, we plant, groom, and protect the future; by meeting our own needs without compromising future generations' ability to meet their own needs.

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