Greta Rowe School

Greta Rowe Primary School: A Beacon of Hope in Rural Kenya

Established in 2011 by Jane Ndungu, Greta Rowe Primary School rose from a place of deep concern for the safety and education of young children in rural Kenya. After a decade of teaching across the country, Jane was heartbroken by news from her home village. Children as young as 3-6 years old faced a perilous journey to reach the nearest school, often trekking over 5 kilometers through dangerous terrain.

Greta Rowe school is situated at the foot of Mount Kenya, in Kenya.

The Daily Struggle:

  • Long and hazardous commutes: Imagine a small child, barely taller than a watering can, walking for hours on end. This was the daily reality for these youngsters, forced to navigate rivers, busy tarmac roads, and dense forests teeming with wildlife. Tragically, these journeys have claimed lives and exposed children to the risk of kidnapping.
  • Lack of access to education: The distance to the existing school effectively denied these children their fundamental right to education. This lack of education perpetuates poverty and limits their future opportunities.

Jane's unwavering passion:

Witnessing the plight of these children, Jane couldn't stand idly by. The emotional toll on the children, their parents, and guardians fueled her determination to act. Sharing her concerns with her supportive husband, James Moile, she found the encouragement she needed to pursue her dream.

Greta Rowe School Kenya children in a line

Greta Rowe school is more than just a school:

Greta Rowe School is more than just a place of learning. It's a haven, a refuge from the dangers of the long commute. Here's how the school is making a difference:

  • Safety first: By being located within the community, Greta Rowe eliminates the perilous journeys children once faced. This not only safeguards their physical well-being but also alleviates the constant worry for parents and guardians.
  • Quality Education: The school provides a nurturing environment where children can learn and thrive. Qualified teachers deliver a curriculum that equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life.
  • Community Hub: Greta Rowe fosters a strong sense of community. It serves as a gathering place for parents, teachers, and community members, promoting collaboration and support for the children's education. They have started to grow their own food and teach the children how to do this. By providing life skills such as community school farming the children can learn about agriculture while growing food which they can eat.

Greta Rowe school photos community school farming, foot of Mount Kenya

Photo: The Peoples Hub LinkedIn (April 2024)

The Call to Action:

Greta Rowe School's story exemplifies the transformative power of education. By supporting the school, you're not just contributing to bricks and mortar; you're investing in the future of a generation. Consider ways you can get involved:

  • Spread awareness: Share the Greta Rowe school story within your network.
  • Donate: Financial contributions, no matter how big or small, can make a real difference. Buy a school desk for one of the children. We will thank you across social media and provide photographs to show the social impact you have created.
  • Volunteer your skills: Do you have expertise in education, fundraising, or construction? Offer your skills to support the school's growth.

Together, by sponsoring a child at the Greta Rowe School we can ensure that the young Kenyan community has a safe path to education and a brighter future.

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foot of Mount Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya
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