Homebaked Community Land Trust

Homebaked Community Land Trust

Homebaked Community Land Trust lies on the boundary of Everton and Anfield, just opposite Liverpool Football Club. They are a Resident-led membership organisation of a growing group of local residents. They have been working together since 2012 to shape the place where they live and work in community ownership. They are regenerating our neighbourhood "brick by brick" and "loaf by loaf"


Starting from having saved their iconic neighborhood bakery from demolition and supported their first tenant, Homebaked Bakery, to develop into a thriving community business, they are now transforming the adjacent terrace into environmentally sustainable, quality homes and commercial spaces at genuinely affordable rent.


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By regenerating their high street 'brick by brick and loaf by loaf', they will be using money spent in the neighborhood to benefit their communities.


Their work is based on the simple belief that they all deserve to live well; for them that means making sure that the homes and spaces they create together are high quality and kept affordable to the people who live and work there - not just for now, but also for future generations


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They believe that living well includes access to an environment that provides good jobs, great food and welcoming spaces to meet, share stories, learn and celebrate.


The Homebaked Community Land Trust in the UK, with its cooperative ownership and community-driven approach, has brought several benefits to the community. Here are some of the benefits they have provided:


  1. Affordable Housing: The CLT has played a vital role in creating affordable housing options for residents. By acquiring land and developing housing projects, they have addressed the issue of housing affordability in the community, providing secure and affordable homes for individuals and families.


  1. Community Empowerment: Homebaked CLT has empowered the community by actively involving residents in decision-making processes. Through cooperative ownership, community members have a say in the management and governance of the housing projects. This empowerment fosters a sense of ownership and pride within the community.


  1. Revitalization of the Neighborhood: The CLT has contributed to the revitalization of the Anfield neighborhood. By renovating and repurposing vacant properties, they have transformed blighted areas into vibrant, attractive spaces. This has had a positive impact on property values, community pride, and overall neighborhood development.


  1. Preservation of Community Assets: By acquiring and holding land in trust, the CLT ensures that it remains a community asset. This prevents land speculation and ensures that the housing remains affordable in the long term, even if ownership changes hands. It helps protect the community from gentrification and displacement.


  1. Social and Economic Impact: Homebaked CLT's community development initiatives have had a broader social and economic impact. They have supported local businesses, created employment opportunities, and facilitated access to social services. This holistic approach helps build a resilient and thriving community.


If you are interested in supporting the Homebaked Community Land Trust or similar initiatives, here are a few ways you can contribute:


  1. Volunteer: Reach out to the Homebaked Community Land Trust and inquire about volunteer opportunities. They may need assistance with various tasks, such as community engagement, event organizing, or administrative work.


  1. Donate: Consider making a financial contribution to support the CLT's ongoing projects and operations. Donations can help fund affordable housing developments, community events, and other initiatives.


  1. Spread Awareness: Share information about the Homebaked CLT and its mission with others. Use social media, local networks, or community forums to raise awareness about the benefits of community-led housing and the importance of affordable housing.


  1. Advocate: Support policies and initiatives that promote community-led housing and affordability. Engage with local government representatives, participate in public consultations, and join advocacy groups to amplify the voice of the community.


  1. Collaborate: If you have relevant skills or resources, consider collaborating with the CLT on specific projects. This could involve offering professional expertise, providing in-kind support, or forming partnerships to further the goals of the CLT.


Remember, supporting a community land trust goes beyond financial contributions. Active involvement, spreading awareness, and advocating for affordable housing are valuable ways to contribute to their success and make a positive impact on the community.

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Anfield Rd, Anfield, Liverpool L4 0TH, UK
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