Innovating Minds

Innovating Minds

Offering a world where people with emotional and mental health needs are supported to achieve their aspirations. Providing mentally healthy environments, accessible psychological support and support access to education, training or employment. Proudly training facilitators globally to deliver this unique trauma informed programme. Investing in individuals so children can access early help by people they trust, and in a space they feel safe. 

Children Impacted by Domestic Abuse - The Healing Together™ programme is for children impacted by domestic abuse and violence. 

Mental Health & Accessing Employment - providing specialist psychological support to overcome those emotional and mental health barriers that can prevent people from accessing training and employment.  

Innovating Minds is a delivery partner for an exciting programme of coaching and support to provide young people across Coventry and Warwickshire who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) and at risk of NEET access training and employment opportunities. This programme supports individuals from single adult households and/or caregivers 16 years+ that experience challenges with accessing education, training and employment. 

The All-in-One Software for Mental Health Leads in Schools - EduPod is a new way for mental health leads to plan, manage and evaluate their journey to creating happy and mentally healthy environments for the whole school community. 

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81 The Green, Birmingham B38 8RU, UK
0121 448 4190
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