Inspiring Intelligence

Inspiring Intelligence

Inspiring Intelligence is a non-profit organisation established in 2010 by leading social entrepreneur Janice Williams & reformed offender and Open University post-graduate Simon Short. 

The enterprise works across Humberside and as a regional provider of TTG services, specialising in prolific offenders, repeat offenders, veterans and gang members.

Their theory is "If you raise both educational and social levels, and support that person whilst in transition with a peer; you will reduce offending rates significantly over a period of time. We believe that service users are key in reducing that offending rate and are best placed to trust broker." -Simon, Managing Director.

Inspiring Intelligence have an extensive track record in delivering qualified training, along with bespoke offending behaviour and motivational training. 

Some of the courses offered include: 

• Offending behaviour and change

• Managing emotions
• Positive thinking and positive lives 

All of these are delivered by a mix of external providers and also ex-offenders who are PTTLS qualified. 

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Grimsby DN32 7DS, UK
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