Judes Ice Cream

Judes Ice Cream

We are passionate about making the tastiest ice creams and sorbets, fresh from our barn in Twyford, Hampshire.

Back in 2002, Jude's husband decided to follow a different way of life. In a barn at his home in Hampshire he immersed himself in the art of creating the tastiest ice cream, which he lovingly named after his wife.

He originally made it as a hobby, selling to the village pub. However with the passing of time (admittedly not very much) the whole family joined in, and Jude's is now enjoyed far and wide.

Jude's is a family business that strives to have a positive impact on the local community and environment. We recycle all we can and use local suppliers where possible to reduce food miles. Jude's actively supports local causes, donating 10% of profits each year to charity.

Find Us

Hazeley Rd, Winchester SO21 1QA, UK
01962 711444
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