Local Organic Grocery Stores & Veg Box Delivery in Glasgow. Food from our land, local growers & ethical producers. In store we have re-fill points, groceries, freshly made coffee ☕️ and food from our own kitchen.


Locavore is committed to making a lasting impact through preparing locally grown food, providing quality information about these foods and delivering them to customers who need them, because eating local will help the planet and the local economy.


Supported by environmentalists and average households, locally grown food is a great way to support your local farmers while enjoying tastier, healthier food at a lower cost which will improve overall health.


Seems too good to be true? 


Over the years, it's been discovered that locally grown food has provided more aesthetic experience. The joy of smelling and touching unique, fresh produce and food stuffs, including some interesting heritage varieties you won’t find at your local grocer.


With Locavore you have healthier food. By purchasing foods produced closer to home, you ensure they’re permitted to mature and ripen “on the vine” as long as possible, which means greater nutrition. Fresh, local food is always healthier!


Also this makes saving money easy. This was because farmers market and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce is often cheaper than that you’ll find in the supermarket. Plus, by buying whole foods rather than prepackaged, processed foods, you’ll also be lowering your food bill.


Community support is another major benefit of Locavore. Since local food is what they directly deal with, that will make farmers markets a big event for small towns and local neighborhoods, bringing small businesses and local consumers together. They can really revitalize the local community. By participating in a local CSA, you become involved in a smaller but vital community of people working to support local farmers directly for an entire season.


Supporting the local economy and farmers becomes possible, because by buying local produce from family farms, you not only support their livelihood, but you keep money flowing within your community, which increases employment, social services, and so on. By increasing local food production in a locality, you’d be able to add jobs to local economies. This is part of what Locavore has done


Do you know that with locavore, you can heal and live a healthier life? Are you aware that FRESH FITS YOU? Yes, fresh food. Do you know that you can make yourself far from regular visits to the hospital? 


You can have a healthy family life to the fullest if you only reduce the amount of processed food you consume and start eating locally grown food. 


Locavore awaits your call to make your order and they'll deliver the food you ordered to you at your house address

Find Us

349 Victoria Rd, Glasgow G42 7SA, UK
0141 328 3303
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