Makarla supports small artisan businesses in Colombia that employ single Moms & people who live in low-income areas. Artisans use renewable materials, including seeds, reclaimed wood, silk cocoons, & orange peels.


Makarla is a business firm that sells handmade jewelry and accessories that are unique for individual needs. At Makarla, you buy directly from the most talented artisans in Colombia. Makarla curates beautiful handmade accessories, helping you become an unrepeatable fashionista who empowers artisans to grow their businesses and share their culture with the world. You need to patronize them for your jewelry.

Why should you shop at Makarla?

When you shop at Makarla, you are not just buying beautiful jewelry. You are helping an artisan to support their family as they work to ensure that the traditions and customs of thousands of years are not lost. And as all of our jewelry is made from responsibly sourced materials, you can be assured that your purchase is helping to preserve the environment, one beautiful piece at a time. We invite you to browse our collections and enjoy the passion of Colombia reflected in every piece. 

Find Us

8888 SW 136th St, Miami, FL 33176, USA
+1 305-343-5797
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