Sisters Julia Ahrens and Laura Ahrens created Miakoda in 2013. Julia graduated from Parson's School of Design and then began working as a consultant for Zac Posen and designed and executed pieces for his 2011 runway collections. Laura Ahrens is an accomplished Yoga instructor who co-owns the New School for Yogic arts in Boston. Miakoda's most popular team member is their office mascot—Pigeon (pronounced peejaun). Pigeon, aptly named, was rescued over 9 years ago and although a bit moody, they couldn't run Miakoda without him.

The Company

Miakoda is a modern sportswear line for the woman who wants to be cozy and still feel feminine and chic. Miakoda is made in Brooklyn NY with all sustainable materials. The latest collection is full of saturated pastels and necessary neutrals. These pieces are meant to be layered for any season. Enjoy!

Find Us

New Hyde Park, NY, USA
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