Millers Larder

Millers Larder

“It started with a jar... now look, this is where we are”

From my Granny’s BBQ Sauce originating in Charlston West Virginia USA in the 1930s brought to Scotland made for friends and family to now – our Perfyit Piccalilli which was the winner of Foodservice Product of the Year in the Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards 2016.

We are delighted our Perfyit Piccalilli has been served at The Open Golf Championships, Davis Cup in Glasgow, Murrayfield Stadium Six Nations & Autumn Test Series, Hampden and football stadium hospitality throughout the UK.

Our Perfyit Piccalilli also recently accompanied a Scottish Game Terrine created by Chef Andy Beattie of Braehead Foods Ltd Kilmarnock and was served in Milan in 2020.

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Scotland, UK
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