Montreet offers so much to the environmentally minded consumer. From repairs and make-overs should the item be worn out or damaged to rentals of their clothing if you are a fair-weather climber or event only jogger. 

We use resource saving materials and processes to craft their fashionable sportswear and encourage consumers to purchase a single jacket to cover off every sport, weather it is climbing, jogging, cycling or other outdoor activities.

With our resource-saving materials we have managed to combine environmental protection and the requirements of the sports "climbing, running & biking" in one jacket. Together we can make your wardrobe a little “greener”.

Unique items of clothing, printed with illustrations by local artists - our designs were created by BOICUT  - fashionable and sporty at the same time!

Clothing, which we can repair or convert into a new product when worn / damaged. Everything taken over by a non-profit association.

Source - Vienna Impact Hub

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