Ms Miss Mrs

Ms Miss Mrs

It has been said that an empowered woman is powerful beyond measure. MsMissMrs is a social enterprise in north Glasgow that has proven again and again that a woman empowered can achieve anything they put their mind to. Founder, Sylvia Douglas created MsMissMrs initially to support women and girls to overcome stress, trauma and hardship. Since then, this social enterprise has helped countless girls and women through life-changing journeys. They have also developed some brilliant revenue raising ideas to invest more in their programmes. You will find for example, their ‘Power pants’ and ‘Pay it Forward cards’ not just on their site, but on sale in city centre outlets. The aim is to raise enough money to fund over 500 and counting, free places for women and girls in their programmes.

The focus is on emotional, physical, mental and social well-being at its self-care hub and purpose-built kitchen – all designed to the highest standards to offer welcome, warmth and safe haven.  Their programmes for women 'Get S.E.T. Rebuild' and 'Femfoods' are designed to rebuild self-esteem and regain confidence following stress, addiction or trauma. They also have an early intervention programme, 'Get S.E.T Girls' to support girls aged 10-16 to get a true sense of their worth and realise their potential.

Find Us

1 Benview St, Glasgow G20 7SA, UK
0141 945 0244
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