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Hand in Hand, Communities and Wildlife Thrive

Over and Above Africa was founded in 2011 by a group of filmmakers who were inspired by the stories of the people who were fighting to protect Africa's wildlife. Driven by the inspiring stories of Africa's frontline wildlife protectors, filmmakers established Over and Above Africa in 2011. They saw that these communities were often facing the same challenges as the animals they were trying to protect, and they knew that they wanted to help.

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  • Filmmaking: Over and Above Africa uses filmmaking to raise awareness about the challenges faced by endangered wildlife and local communities. Their award-winning documentary, Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War, tells the stories of the courageous women who are fighting to protect Africa's wildlife from poachers.
  • Supporting Local Initiatives: Over and Above Africa funds and supports local African initiatives that address poaching and human-wildlife conflict. These initiatives include anti-poaching patrols, community education programs, and wildlife rehabilitation centers.
  • Education: Over and Above Africa provides educational resources about the importance of conservation. They offer student field trips, workshops, and online resources.


Over and Above Africa hosts a variety of events throughout the year to raise awareness about their work and to fundraise for their projects. These events include film screenings, galas, and auctions.


Over and Above Africa has a number of ongoing projects, including:

  • The Wild and Free Rehabilitation Center: This center provides care for orphaned and injured animals until they are able to be released back into the wild.
  • The Elephant Herd Relocation Update: This project is working to relocate a herd of elephants from a community where they are in conflict with humans to a new protected area.
  • The Elephant Relocation Fund: This fund supports the costs of elephant relocations.
  • The Cheetah Rewilding Project: This project is working to reintroduce cheetahs to their former habitat in South Africa.
  • The Lioness ReWilding Project: This project is working to reintroduce lionesses to their former habitat in Zambia.

  • The Ontulili Primate Protection Project: This project is working to protect a group of endangered primates in Uganda.
  • The Rhino Dehorning and Land Management project: This project is working to protect rhinos from poaching by dehorning them and working with communities to manage their land in a way that is compatible with rhinos.

  • Student field trips: Over and Above Africa offers student field trips to give students a firsthand experience of conservation work in Africa.
  • The Rwanda Lake Ossa Project: This project is working to protect the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda.
  • The Elephant & Bee Project: This project is working to use bees to deter elephants from raiding crops.
  • The Valentino the Lonely Rhino project: This project is working to find a mate for Valentino, the last remaining northern white rhino in the world.
"Protecting our communities, protecting our wildlife, protecting our planet."

The Connection

  • Human-Wildlife Conflict: Many communities living near wildlife struggle with crop raiding, livestock predation, and safety concerns. By supporting anti-poaching patrols and wildlife mitigation strategies, Over and Above Africa reduces conflict, promoting both community well-being and wildlife protection.
  • Livelihood Alternatives: Poaching is often driven by poverty and a lack of economic opportunities. Over and Above Africa funds initiatives that offer sustainable income options, like eco-tourism ventures and craft production, reducing poaching dependence and improving community livelihoods.
  • Education and Empowerment: Conservation efforts thrive when local communities are engaged and informed. Over and Above Africa fosters environmental education in schools, empowers locals to participate in wildlife management, and builds leadership skills, creating a sense of ownership and responsibility for both communities and wildlife.

Examples of Connection:

  • The Elephant Herd Relocation Update: Relocating elephants away from human settlements not only protects communities but also allows these crucial ecosystem engineers to roam free and contribute to healthy landscapes.
  • The Ontulili Primate Protection Project: Protecting endangered primates like the Colobus monkey safeguards valuable pollinators and seed dispersers, ensuring healthy forests that benefit both local communities and wildlife.
  • The Lioness ReWilding Project: Reintroducing lions restores natural predator-prey dynamics, maintaining balance in ecosystems and contributing to long-term wildlife stability, while potentially providing tourism opportunities for communities.

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Breaking Their Silence Reviews:


“Riveting, heartbreaking and heroic”



“Outstanding, beautifully made, powerful and heartbreaking film”

   People Magazine


”What’s striking about David’s film is that her female subjects aren’t afraid of showing emotion and vulnerability”

   Huffington Post


“Beautiful and hopeful”

   Parade Magazine



   Alicia Silverstone


“A brilliant film”

   D.C. Environmental Film Festival 

Wildlife They Support:

Over and Above Africa supports a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, lions, cheetahs, rhinos, primates, and gorillas. Protecting endangered species like rhinos and cheetahs safeguards essential components of diverse ecosystems, enriching our planet's biosphere and ensuring its resilience in the face of challenges.

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