P-Patch Network

P-Patch is a network of nearly 90 community gardens located throughout the city. P-Patches are leased to individuals or groups for a nominal fee, and they are open to all Seattle residents.

A P-Patch is a community garden in Seattle. The name comes from the Picardo family, who owned a farm in the Wedgwood neighborhood. Part of the farm was eventually turned into a P-Patch.

They provide a place to grow fresh food, learn about gardening, and connect with the community.

The P-Patch program is a valuable resource for Seattle residents who want to grow their own food. The program provides access to land and tools, as well as educational opportunities. The P-Patch program is a great way to get involved in your community and learn about gardening, food, and sustainability.

P-Patches provide a variety of benefits for Seattle residents, including:

  • Access to fresh, healthy food: P-Patches provide a place for Seattle residents to grow their own food. This can help to reduce food insecurity and improve access to healthy food.
  • Education about gardening: P-Patches offer a variety of educational opportunities for Seattle residents, such as workshops, classes, and demonstrations. These opportunities can help residents learn about gardening, sustainability, and healthy eating.
  • Opportunities for community building: P-Patches provide a space for Seattle residents to connect with each other and build community. This can help to strengthen neighborhoods and make Seattle a more livable city.

If you are interested in learning more about P-Patches, you can visit the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods website. You can also contact the P-Patch office at (206) 684-4090.

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