Peloton Liverpool Cooperative

Peloton Liverpool Cooperative

Peloton Liverpool Cooperative is a local community initiative dedicated to promoting safe, accessible bike use in Liverpool.   

Peloton Liverpool are attempting to create a cycle industry which serves the people of Liverpool. Keeping money, ideas and skills in and for Liverpool. Creating projects using a scatter approach in order to gain wider understanding of what is required to create a true sustainable cycling culture, including: 

  • BIKIOSK - Maintenance, repairs and bike sales to support Liverpool's cyclists 

  • BMX Box – a place for developing your skills, getting your bike sorted and a place to chill and breathe 

  • Late Night Rides - Monthly adult bike rides exploring Liverpool, ourselves and each other. ‘We do not swing, we ride!’ 

  • Molly Coddle - Special mother and child bikes, training and community 

  • Cycling Without Age - Helping elders feel the wind in their hair. 

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