Penicuik Storehouse

Penicuik Storehouse

We are a new community project and social enterprise in Penicuik currently renovating an old building on the High Street to become a bakery, café, food shop, indoor market and community events space.

We hope to bring the heart back into Penicuik town centre through good food and community events.

Small orders of local, organic, or fairtrade groceries at the door, fresh milk, fresh bread, and eggs

Veg boxes:

Online orders for collection or delivery:

Penicuik Storehouse is owned by shareholders who are friends and members of the community. You can support our final push to open by clicking on the 'Shop Now' button to buy shares! At £25 a share you will be a vital part of the project.

Buy your share today and be part of the change!

Find Us

22 High St, Penicuik EH26 8HW, UK
01968 675152
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