Raw Milk Ireland

Raw Milk Ireland

Our Campaign for Raw Milk which served to successfully stop a ban which seemed inevitable - has now happily turned in to simply RAW MILK IRELAND!

Raw Milk Ireland is dedicated to promoting the consumption of raw milk in Ireland. The account is run by a group of people who believe that raw milk is a healthy and nutritious food that should be available to everyone.

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Here are some of the benefits of raw milk:

  • Raw milk is a complete food that contains all of the nutrients that humans need to stay healthy.
  • Raw milk is more digestible than pasteurized milk.
  • Raw milk contains enzymes and probiotics that are beneficial for gut health.
  • Raw milk is less likely to contain harmful bacteria than pasteurized milk.

Here are some of the dangers of pasteurized milk:

  • Pasteurization destroys many of the nutrients in milk.
  • Pasteurization makes milk more difficult to digest.
  • Pasteurization kills beneficial enzymes and probiotics in milk.
  • Pasteurization can create harmful bacteria in milk.

The legal status of raw milk in Ireland is complex. Raw milk is not legal to sell in Ireland, but it is legal to own and consume raw milk. Raw milk can be purchased from farmers who sell it directly to consumers.

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