Restaurants Sensibles

Restaurants Sensibles

Our mission is to reduce food waste in restaurants by avoiding serving excess food to customers. To do this, the collaboration of servers and their clients is essential.

In a system that only promotes quality and leaves out quantity , catering professionals unite in Geneva in August 2018 to found Restaurants Sensibles . A non-profit association which aims to raise awareness and present a very simple and humane solution to the problem of food waste to those who work in the hotel sector and to their customers… without technology or major investments.

We believe that to stop food waste at the source, we must manage the quantities.

We do not all have the same appetite, often we cannot finish the plate we have in front of us and what remains goes in the trash.

Talking about small portions when ordering is a good habit for those who work and for customers. We assure you that it is a really simple thing and that very often the experience and intuition of the waiter or waitress is of great help!

We provide restaurants with our formula to measure the amount of waste generated versus turnover:

Weight in kilograms of the organic garbage bag multiplied by 1000 divided by the turnover

The result is a falling ratio with good advice on quantity.

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Geneva, Switzerland
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