Ribblesdale Cheese

Ribblesdale Cheese

We are an award winning artisan cheese maker based in the beautiful market town of Hawes, in the Yorkshire Dales

We specialise in goat cheese and a little sheep cheese and are an unashamedly micro dairy, where everything is very hands on and we lavish love, care and attention on our cheeses.  

We are proud to be part of the growing demand for good quality artisan goat cheese, from small boutique producers and that people recognise both quality and the nutritional benefits. For many, goat and ewe’s milk cheese can be good alternatives to cow’s milk cheeses.

Our cheeses include traditional British, continental Manchego and Gouda styles, and of course, our luscious goat curd and pretty goat ash logs.

We can be found in good cheese shops, delis and farm shops; our customers have included Booths, Harvey Nicks, Selfridges. Fortnum & Mason, Waitrose, Ocado, Bettys of Harrogate and Fodder.  Our cheese has been exported to the USA, the Falklands, Japan and the Middle East.

Our cheese has been eaten on both the Orient Express and more recently, The Bluebell. We are proud to have be chosen by chefs such as Tommy Banks and Sven-Hanson Brit who used our luscious goat curd in their fine dining meal at home menus.

The business is headed up by Iona who has become a second generation cheese maker, following in the footsteps of her uncle, Iain Hill.

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Hawes DL8 3UZ, UK
01969 667788
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