Roar Pursuits

Roar Pursuits

Roar Pursuits is a humble Community Interest Company, which is a not-for-profit training deliverer with a difference, bridging the gap for care leavers between being in care and being on their own two feet. Helping early on, to stop the sense of falling off the cliff at 18. 

They have over 50 care experienced mentors on the team, who co-produced, facilitate and advise on individuals who are interested in specific things or whom have specific needs. These include trauma treatment specialists, mental health assistance, legal advice, massage therapy, housing specialists, coordinators, researchers, and mentors from a variety of backgrounds and careers. Including entrepreneurs, rappers, film directors, graphic designers, civil servants, housing and homelessness advisers.

They have developed ground-breaking early intervention life hacks designed by care leavers, for care leavers.  No other group of people know more about what skills they need, so all their material has been designed by the experts on the subject.

Their course delivers a unique peer-to-peer life skills training programme to tackle the root causes of problems faced by vulnerable care leavers thus empowering them to go confidently into independent and healthier adult lives. 

Their aim is to reduce the risk of exclusion, homelessness, improve resilience, mental health, signpost services, employability and business brokerage.

Roar Pursuits are the only company in the UK using this approach.

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0203 198 5391
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