Roots to Fruit

Roots to Fruit

Roots to Fruit is a horticultural activity centre that is registered with ABC Awards. We provide accredited training and qualifications in horticulture and land based studies. We can also cater for bespoke horticultural and therapeutic activities to suit specific client needs. 

The activity centre is based on the well-established plant nursery Oakdene Nurseries. It is easily accessible by road and public transport. Within a few minutes walk are 3 bus stops, all receiving regular buses from Walsall, Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield. 

Oakdene Nurseries is open to the public, growing and selling a wide range of quality plants and other garden related products. It is set in four acres of beautiful established oak woodland and has its own heritage apple orchard.This well respected and successful family business was estabished in 1930s. 

Roots to Fruit is a ‘not for profit social enterprise’ that trades in high quality goods and services.This allows them to create a surplus revenue that can be re-invested back into its activities to help make them sustainable.  

Roots to Fruit offer teaching and develop of new skills. Using ‘gardening to cultivate GREAT PEOPLE and plants’. 

Courses provided include:

Healthy Horticulture 
Leisure Gardening 
Roots to Horticulture 
Next Evening Course   
Adult & School Prospectus 

Find Us

51 Chester Rd, Streetly, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, Sutton Coldfield B74 2HH, UK
0121 353 3481
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