For Foodies who love BBQ, flavour & spice!

Rubbalicious is the perfect seasoning for fish, meat, pulses, vegetables, carbs, you name it! We created this delicious rub to add some heat and flavour to our home-cooking, but also as a way to fundraise for Yimuka Uganda, a fantastic project based in Uganda, that was set up to tackle the alarmingly high rate of youth unemployment. Yimuka Uganda aims to empower young people through industrial skills training and provides mentorship and support on building an entrepreneurial mindset. This helps to enable youth to have the skills and ability to work.  

50% of our profits are donated to Yimuka Uganda. The rest of our profits are reinvested into the business so we can continue to grow and reach more consumers.

Read more about Yimuka Uganda here.

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Finchley Rd, South Hampstead, London NW3 6LL, UK
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