Rural Housing Association

Rural Housing Association

Rural Housing Association (RHA) are a nonprofit organization that work to provide affordable housing solutions for people living in rural areas. These associations are typically registered social landlords (RSLs) that focus on addressing the unique housing needs and challenges faced by rural communities.

RHA aims to develop and manage affordable housing projects in rural areas, where there may be a shortage of affordable homes for local residents. They work in collaboration with local authorities, housing developers, and community groups to identify suitable sites and develop housing schemes that meet the specific needs of the rural population.

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The key objectives of a rural housing association include:

  1. Increasing the supply of affordable housing in rural areas.
  2. Supporting local communities by providing housing options that enable residents to remain in their villages and maintain vital community networks.
  3. Addressing the specific challenges faced by rural communities, such as limited public transportation, higher construction costs, and lower average wages.
  4. Promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly housing solutions.
  5. Engaging with local stakeholders and communities to ensure their needs are understood and met.


Rural housing associations often offer a mix of housing tenures, including affordable rent, shared ownership, and other affordable homeownership options. They work closely with local authorities to identify local housing needs, ensure appropriate allocation of housing, and support community development initiatives.

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