Rural Poultry Center in Malawi

Rural Poultry Center in Malawi

THE RURAL POULTRY CENTER IN MALAWI is an agricultural institution dedicated to promoting and supporting poultry farming in rural areas of the country. It aims to improve food security, increase income generation, and provide employment opportunities for rural communities by focusing on poultry production and management.


The Rural Poultry Center is located in Malawi, a landlocked country in southeastern Africa. It operates in various rural areas across the country, targeting communities that have limited access to resources and training related to poultry farming.

Rural Poultry Center is located in Malawi, a landlocked country in southeastern Africa. It operates in various rural areas across the country, targeting communities that have limited access to resources and training related to poultry farming logo on the peoples hub


The Rural Poultry Center objective include: 


  1. Knowledge and Skills Transfer: The center aims to educate rural farmers about modern poultry production techniques, including breeding, housing, feeding, disease management, and marketing. It provides training programs, workshops, and extension services to enhance the knowledge and skills of local poultry farmers.


  1. Improved Poultry Genetics: The center promotes the use of improved poultry breeds that are well adapted to the local environment and have higher productivity. It focuses on breeding and distributing superior chicken breeds that are disease-resistant, have better growth rates, and lay more eggs, thus improving the overall productivity of rural poultry farming.


  1. Infrastructure and Equipment Development: The Rural Poultry Center helps rural farmers establish and upgrade poultry infrastructure such as chicken houses, feed storage facilities, and water supply systems. It also facilitates the provision of essential equipment, including incubators, brooders, and vaccination tools, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of poultry production.


  1. Market Access and Value Chain Development: Recognizing the importance of market access, the center assists rural poultry farmers in establishing linkages with buyers, processors, and retailers. It promotes the development of poultry value chains by facilitating market information dissemination, organizing marketing events, and supporting the formation of farmer cooperatives.


  1. Disease Control and Management: The center plays a crucial role in raising awareness about poultry diseases and promoting disease prevention and control measures. It conducts vaccination campaigns, offers special diagnostic services, and educates farmers on biosecurity practices to minimize disease outbreaks and improve flock health.


  1. Gender Empowerment: The Rural Poultry Center places  emphasis on empowering women in rural communities. It provides training and resources to encourage women's active participation in poultry farming, recognizing the significant role they play in household nutrition, income generation, and poverty reduction.




The Rural Poultry Center collaborates with various stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international development organizations, research institutions, and private sector entities. These partnerships help in resource mobilization, technical support, and knowledge sharing, ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of the center's initiatives.



The Rural Poultry Center has made significant contributions to rural communities in Malawi. By improving poultry production practices, enhancing market access, and strengthening the value chain, it has helped increase food security, generate income, and alleviate poverty among rural households. Additionally, the centre's efforts in promoting sex equality and empowering women have led to improved livelihoods and social development in these communities.


Overall, the Rural Poultry Center in Malawi serves as a vital institution for rural poultry farmers, providing them with the necessary knowledge, resources, and support to enhance their poultry farming practices, improve their economic conditions, and contribute to sustainable rural development.

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Likuni, Lilongwe, Malawi
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