Scottish Design Exchange

Scottish Design Exchange

Imagine this. An exciting retail experience that offers a huge variety of uniquely created and affordable products and gives hard working artists, designers and craftspeople 100% of the sales proceeds. The Scottish Design Exchange is just that - a social business model which benefits shoppers, artists and designers alike and, boosts the local economy. Add to that, are staff each earning above the living wage.

With outlets in Edinburgh and Glasgow which are open seven days a week and 52 weeks a year, the message to shoppers is: ‘Every penny you spend goes directly to the hard-working artists, designers and craftspeople who display here.’

For the artists it is not just an opportunity to make a living, it is chance to be part of a welcoming and supportive creative community. The model is founded on a simple principle. Each artist/designer pays a small rent artist for a display space they then make their own – the result?  A cornucopia of Inspirational products from fashion and furniture to paintings, prints, books, cards and candles. For the artists it’s a realistic route to market, experience of running a small business and a chance to earn good money. It is a win, win. The customers get a great deal, the artists get due reward and the staff get a job they can be proud of.

Find Us

Buchanan St, Glasgow, UK
0141 353 7457
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